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Teachers' Unions Reject Science and Children Again, Force Schools to Close

Teachers' Unions Reject Science and Children Again, Force Schools to Close
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Will your child be in school this week? If so, you’re lucky, and you probably live in a semi-sensible locale where rogue forces don’t overrule data and common sense.


More than 2,000 schools — in the most liberal locales, bullied by corrupt teachers’ unions — caved to anti-science hysteria and locked their doors this week.

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Even the Biden administration opposes the far left unions’ anti-child greed.

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Education Secretary Miguel Cardona implored schools to remain fully open for valuable in-person learning.

“We’ve been very clear, our expectation is for schools to be open full-time for students for in-person learning,” Cardona said. “We remember the impact of school closures on students last year.”

Cardona pointed to advancements in the fight against COVID-19, including $10 billion in taxpayer money for “surveillance testing” and vaccinations now available for all school-age kids.

Despite the government’s position and all evidence showing schools are safe and closures do not help kids or mitigate virus spread, the education establishment refuses to abide by the same rules as every other business.


Chicago, home to arguably the worst union, will continue to hurt children while collecting large paychecks.

Atlanta-area schools just decided not to make students’ well-being their primary concern and shuttered in-person learning.

Just as major U.S. cities have some of the worst economic inequality, their low-income students also continue to bear the brunt of education disruption.

Any honest person knows teachers’ unions do not care an iota about children, but do classroom teachers?

As of last July, a full two-thirds of surveyed educators wanted to keep schools closed indefinitely. A USA Today poll last spring confirmed that a startling 20% of teachers would rather resign than come to work. An August NPR poll of teachers showed 77% were concerned about their health more than their students’. That’s interesting, considering 97% of educators admit remote learning has set back learning.

Imagine if nurses, sanitation workers, or grocery store clerks felt or acted this way.

A University of Michigan professor who followed the data came to a straightforward conclusion: There is no evidence that shutting down schools the last two years limited the spread of COVID-19.

“While the intent of these policies has been to protect the health of children, teachers, staff, and their communities, decisions to shutter schools have also come at a significant cost to society,” Charles McClean reported after exhaustive research. “Millions of children have lost out on the learning, physical health, and mental health benefits to attending classes, while parents have been forced to balance their regular work responsibilities with finding alternative childcare and educational options for their children.”


The selfishness, demagoguery, and ignorance of teachers’ unions have damaged an entire generation of children. Sadly, it’s continued into a new year.

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