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'Who or What Is the Woke Media?' Brian Stelter Asks His Guest; Enlightenment Ensues

'Who or What Is the Woke Media?' Brian Stelter Asks His Guest; Enlightenment Ensues
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As some Democrats continue to warn the party while others lash out after last week’s ballot box failures, Newsweek Editor Batya Ungar-Sargon joined Brian Stelter’s “Reliable Sources” to discuss her new book  that’s critical of wokeness.

“Tuesday was a really good advertisement for my book, because my book is arguing that a lot of this conversation around wokeness is actually about class,” Ungar-Sargon, who is no conservative, explained. “We are hiding the total dispossession of the working class of all races by focusing on a very highly specialized academic language around race.”

Stelter naturally accused Ungar-Sargon of generalizing, so she quickly listed specific references that PJ Media has also documented.

“You saw host after host after host on MSNBC saying, ‘Oh this is a victory for white supremacy, white supremacy wins again, racism wins again,” Ungar-Sargon noted. “The Lieutenant Governor that Youngkin won with will be the first black woman to hold that job, when Glenn Youngkin managed to flip majority black districts, when he managed to get between 40 and 50 percent of Latino voters — are all of those people white supremacists? Of course they’re not — they’re worried about, number one, the economy, and number two, schooling, and it seems to me that it is such a ‘self-own’ to tell people who are worried about the economy that that is white supremacy. You are essentially criminalizing the views of working class Americans.”



Talking about the “great awokening” infesting hyper-educated newsrooms, Ungar-Sargon pointed out a trend of “white liberals starting to have more extreme views on race than even people of color, the people of color they’re advocating on behalf of.”

Deeming them “white liberal elites in the media,” Ungar-Sargon reminded CNN viewers that ‘defund the police’ is an insane view most often held by affluent, highly educated Democrats. Meanwhile, more than 80% of black Americans oppose defunding the police in recent polls.

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Stelter finally asked his guest — perhaps rhetorically, but perhaps not — “who or what is the ‘woke media?'”

Ticking off a list of outlets, including CNN, Ungar-Sargon shared research that concluded “an absolute skyrocketing of the use of woke words like ‘white privilege’ or ‘marginalization’ or ‘oppression'” in their coverage.

She claimed media embraced these vacuous slogans because it increases their viewership.

“It created this feedback loop with the affluent white readership that they were courting to where it shifted public opinion,” Ungar-Sargon argued.

As of this writing, CNN still can’t bring itself to acknowledge reality.

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