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'I Don't Think It's Right': NBA Player Explains Why He Opposes COVID Vaccine Mandates

'I Don't Think It's Right': NBA Player Explains Why He Opposes COVID Vaccine Mandates
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Jonathan Isaac continues to make the rounds on conservative media, since he actually spoke truth to power this fall, explaining why he did not need to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The professional basketball player for the Orlando Magic is also irked that he was taken out of context by mainstream media, particularly the guttersnipes at Rolling Stone.

Isaac joined the “Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show” Friday afternoon for a segment.

Asked why he’s taking the stand, he replied: “I’m just blessed to be in Florida where there’s not a mandate; so, you know, I took into account, me personally, like I said I’m healthy, I’m okay, I’m not afraid of COVID, based on the age-group and having it already in the past. And so this is for the people who are mandated, feeling like they have to choose between what their job is saying, what the government is saying and, you know, their livelihood, and I don’t think it’s right.”

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Isaac is still able to play, practice, and interact with teammates, but league rules dictate “leaving my hotel room for anything that’s not considered essential or a team activity is not allowed.”

“You have a lot of people necessarily to blame in the situation,” Isaac added. “I don’t think the media has done a great job of protecting the American people with information and trying to be truthful to help American people all over the world get a fair shot at making the decision for themselves that is ultimately now affecting families and jobs.”

Asked by Sexton what’s next for the NBA, its players, the union, and potential reaction to additional mandates, Isaac said, “I’m sure if there was, added pressure, you know, something might change. I’m not sure if everybody would stay with the conviction that they have, but it should be everybody’s free choice. I would hope so. But we would have to come together and have a conversation about what we wanted to do moving forward, but it would be to me very unfortunate if the players in any situation are forced or coerced into changing their minds on what they wanted to do.”

Later in the 11 minutes, Travis asked about the then-22-year-old standing for the national anthem last summer when most players kneeled and the far-left sports media and society wished him ill.

“My decision to stand in the bubble came from a place of just personal experience,” Isaac explained. “You know, seeing everything that has happened in the world, the division, the white, black, everything that’s going on. And I know for myself that Jesus Christ has been the foundational change in my life. He’s become the most important thing and the best thing that has ever happened to me and I wanted to offer that as a solution to the problems that we’re seeing…”

Travis closed by asking about fellow player Enes Kanter’s recent bravery, and the NBA’s perfidious relationship with China; refreshingly, Isaac admitted he’s not informed.

“I don’t have, you know, enough insight on…what’s going on. I wish I did, to comment, but I don’t,” he said.

Jonathan Isaac just turned 24. He’s well-informed on issues that matter most to him. Maybe others in his league who spout ignorance should emulate this humility.

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