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Twenty Steps to Last Night's GOP Disaster

Twenty Steps to Last Night's GOP Disaster
(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Twenty steps to GOP disaster last night. Follow the bouncing ball:

  1. Sessions supports Trump.
  2. Trump rewards Senator Sessions with attorney general slot. Sessions vacates seat.
  3. Sessions immediately recuses himself from bogus “Russian” investigation.
  4. Rod Rosenstein become de facto AG.
  5. Trump fires FBI Director James Comey.
  6. Comey leaks memo to New York Times, calls for special investigation.
  7. At Dem urging, Rosenstein appoints Comey buddy Robert Mueller, former FBI chief, as Grand Inquisitor.
  8. Revenge of the FBI: Mueller hires his friends to investigate Trump for anything whatsoever, whenever.
  9. Trump fires Steve Bannon.
  10. Surprise! Mueller’s friends turn out to be leftist lawyers who supported Hillary.
  11. Swamp Thing named Luther Strange provided by Swamp Thing Mitch McConnell to fill swamp vacancy until special election.
  12. Disaffected former Trump strategist Bannon takes revenge: Moore defeats Strange in GOP primary.
  13. Dems, usual suspects make hay v. Moore, a sitting duck.
  14. Who’s Doug Jones? Nation wonders why retired Cleveland Indians reliever is running for office.
  15. Having failed to repeal Obamacare, flailing on tax reform, Yertle the Turtle goes silent re control of the senate.
  16. Moore runs a spectacularly inept campaign, mostly devoted to denying sex charges.
  17. Not one glove laid on Jones during “campaign.”
  18. “Who’s Doug Jones?” wins special election.
  19. Dems, #neverTrumpumpkins cite narrow victory as proof that nation hates Trump.
  20.  GOP Senate majority slips to 51-49; counting Flake, Corker, McCain, Collins and Murkowski, Dems now have effective control of world’s greatest deliberative body.

Final score: administration parlays narrow Senate majority into empty chair at Justice, special investigation run by ex-FBI chief, Democrat representing Alabama, no repeal of Obamacare — and Mitch McConnell remains at “majority” “leader.”

Merry Christmas!