Michael Totten

Middle Eastern Nukes and the Flotilla Fiasco

The United Nations passed a resolution on Friday demanding a nuclear-free Middle East and singling out Israel as the intransigent party instead of Iran. The Obama administration supports the decision, which makes about as much sense as disarming the Iraqi police right now in the name of a violence-free Baghdad.

Meanwhile, Israeli troops boarded a blockade running ship headed for Gaza armed with paint guns (yes, really) and were attacked at once by assailants wielding clubs and knives. Several people were killed and more were injured. Weapons caches were found on the boat, and some of wounded treated in Jerusalem were apparently wearing camouflage.

“We landed barehanded,” an Israeli soldier said, “and they lynched us.” You can choose not to believe that, I suppose.

The “international community” blames Israel, of course, for the deaths and injuries on board that boat, just as it singles out Israel instead of Iran on nuclear weapons and blames Israel for the Gaza war last year that Hamas started.

None of this is surprising, exactly. Self-defense has been all but criminalized in progressive countries like Britain, and Israel’s right to exist, let alone defend itself, is recognized almost nowhere in the Middle East.

I don’t know where all this is headed, exactly, but I’m pretty sure neither pacifist Europeans nor violently anti-Zionist Middle Easterners will be as happy with the outcome as they expect.