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A Serious Question

Some of you have signed up for recurring donations to help me pay for the dispatches I publish on this Web site. I’m working for you, and I need to consult you about something. I’m going back to Baghdad in a month or so and I need to figure out the best way to spend my working hours between now and then.
There are still a few dispatches that I haven’t yet written from my recent trip to the Balkans. I went to the Balkans because I’ve been personally interested in the region for a long time and because I needed a break from the Middle East, but reader interest in the region seems to be lower than mine. I could write those remaining dispatches from Kosovo and publish them even though they’re a bit less exciting than those from a place like Baghdad or Russian-occupied Georgia.
Alternately, I could spend the next month working on the book I’ve finally started to write. The working title is From Beirut to Baghdad, and it’s a first-person narrative eye-witness account of revolution, terrorism, and war in Lebanon and Iraq. I don’t have a publisher yet, but I do have an agent, and the book will be written and published one way or another — even if I have to self-publish it. So far I have finished one chapter out of ten. If I spent the next month working almost exclusively on the book, I can easily finish two or three more chapters.
So: how would you rather me spend my time during the next month? Should I put my nose to the grindstone and finish as much of the book as possible? Or should I write my remaining dispatches at the same time and make some, but less, progress on the book? The book won’t be finished until late spring at the earliest, so I don’t want to mislead you into thinking I can finish it before Thanksgiving if I take the month “off.”
If I do take the month “off” to work on the book, I’ll still put content on this Web site. The blog won’t go dark. I just won’t have any epic length dispatches to publish until December or so.
Let me know. I work for you and will do what you prefer.

How should I spend the next month?
Publish your remaining dispatches and make a modest amount of progress on your book.
Set the dispatches aside and make a massive amount of progress on your book as long as you don’t neglect the blog entirely.
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