Jumblatt Challenges Hezbollah

Lebanese Druze leader and Member of Parliament Walid Jumblatt has had enough of Hezbollah’s ongoing “carnival,” as he puts it, and threatens them with massive counter-demonstrations that may take place in the same physical space.


Jumblat, addressing Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, said “I advise you to accelerate your party’s approval of the international tribunal because in three weeks we have a major event. The third anniversary of the Hariri assassination.”
“We wish it would be a binding occasion for all the Lebanese. We don’t want it to be an occasion for discord when the masses head to downtown Beirut to declare their opposition to (Syrian) hegemony,” Jumblat added.

Also worth noting is this:

In outlining his opposition to Hizbullah’s Islamist agenda which, like that of Iran, calls for the destruction of the state of Israel, Jumblat said: “We do not support the elimination of Israel. We support the two state solution” by which a viable Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital can live in peace near Israel.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Hassan Nasrallah accuses the March 14 government of being an Israeli Mossad tool that wishes to expel the Shia from Lebanon. If I were a Lebanese Shia I’d hate the elected government, too, if I believed that hysterical nonsense.
This is the sort of phantasmagorical political environment “the opposition” lives in, and has been raised on.


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