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I live in one of the staunchest left-wing neighborhoods in a staunch left-wing city. Needless to say, I have to listen to hysterical nonsense on a regular basis. I am fully aware that the radical left isn’t the Democratic Party, that the radical left thinks the Democratic Party is full of corporate right-wing fascists, that the radical left will never be in power, etc. They’re just incredibly annoying and it makes me feel better to expose them and kick them around once in a while.
Take a look at what gets said around here on a regular basis. All the following excerpts are from Portland’s Indymedia. Their office is right down the street from my house.
Here’s “Bubba”:


This is what will continue to happen IF YOU DO NOT SPEAK UP ABOUT THE HOAX KNOWN AS 9/11.
BLAIR ordered these London bombings on behalf of his puppet masters – the international (mainly JEW) bankers in the City of London. THERE IS NO DOUBT ABOUT THIS. BLAIR is not only a lying, mass-murdering THUG; he is also a VERY, VERY SICK THUG – A PSYCHOPATH.

“Portlander” sez:

Isn’t it wonderful? The timing of the bombs? Right after the G8 meeting? I won’t be surprised if the crisis in Africa go untouched now, considering that America’s eyes have shifted from poverty to terrorism.Anyone else have similar suspicions?

Here’s one from Brent Herbert.

Those of you who understand the significance of propaganda should be able to understand that the Live 8 event signified that people like the Bolivians and the Venezuelans are finally winnning their centuries long battle with those Capitalists, thus requiring Capitalists to start caring, or at least try to look like they care, these being capitalists you should remember. And wouldn’t you know it, next thing you know that Osama Bin Laden would show up and start blowing up working class people so that politicians could then take away some more of their civil rights. I would like to take this opportunity to inject some common sense into what is obviously a panic stricken population of Capitalists, by reminding those Capitalists to show some common sense when they make their next move, and not blow themsevles up to many times, because its not good for business.
Personally, I think this operation looks more like a classic Karl Rove operation


Here’s another from “mouse.”

Just watched Lou Dobbs on CNN. “Islamic Terrorists” bombed targets in London this morning, according to Dobbs. No mention of proof. They did it period. Dobbs has become the posterboy for racist, lying reporting that regularly demonizes immigrants, legal and otherwise. Any illusions that CNN is somehow ‘better’ than FOX News is totally disproved by the reality of Dobb’s vicious nightly attacks.

See? Lou Dobbs is guilty of vicious attacks. Not the London bombers. Lou Dobbs.

But to actually declare within 7 hours of these bombings that ‘Islamic Terrorists’ were definitely responsible is nothing short of irresponsible propagandizing. CNN tries hard to come across as fair and balanced, but Dobb’s ultra-primetime slot every single night betrays CNN’s true philosophy. When the trials for 911 begin, there’s going to be a lot of ‘newspeople’ defending themselves against conspiracy charges. Conspiracy to coverup the truth, and aiding and abetting MASS MURDER. Lou Dobbs will be at the very top of that list. Can’t wait to see his smug mug behind bars in Leavenworth, right next to Bush and Cheneythesatan.

This clown wants to lock up journalists for reporting terrorist attacks? Way to go, bud. You’ll be in power any day now.


Here’s one from some fool named “why” who takes his cues from Ward Churchill:

Blood pours forth in rivers from the bodies of Arabs, so that Halliburton can make a killing putting the cities all back together in cheap-ass American fashion. So that Coke can put up vending machines along the streets from which this blood flowed. So that Bechtel can steal all the water and sell it back to the people who survived for vast sums of money. So that the oilmen of Texas can pat each other on their fat, greasy, hateful backs.
That’s the context. So I still can’t excuse the killing of innocent Londoners, but I can understand the reasons why someone might be compelled to strike out against comfortable firstworlders. Firstworlders who might not agree with the wars, but who benefit from them just the same. Who might not actually be holding the guns in their own hands, but who have not done enough to take them out of the hands of others. Who might not believe in what their governments are doing, but who support those governments through their own consumption habits just the same.

Sigh. I can’t even get mad at these people any more. They’re just deluded and sad. And they make Dennis Kucinich look like Charles Krauthammer.
For reactions from the left that are actually intelligent see the new group blog by British leftists called Drink-Soaked Trotskyite Popinjays for War. Or, if you prefer an intelligent reaction from the anti-war left, read Marc Cooper.



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