Sick Soldiers (Updated)

I trust no comment is necessary.

UPDATE: Some people (in the comments) are annoyed that I published these pictures without commentary. Okay, fine. Here’s some commentary then now that I’ve had a chance to argue and think about it.
The only reason there is even a chance this sort of thing will come to an end is because these pictures are out in the public.
There is nothing new or uniquely American (or Republican) about what happened in Abu Ghraib. This sort of thing happens all over the world, not only in military prisons, but in civilian prisons. (And it’s a thousand times worse in totalitarian states.) It happens in the U.S., and also in France and Canada, too. It happens even though most of us find it appalling. And it happens because we pretend that it doesn’t.
I’m doing what I can to make it harder for us to pretend.



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