Faster, Please!

Wanna Fight? How About Sushi at 3 Paces?

I see where the Secret Order of Right-thinking Essayists (SORE), in the happy hours after the election of Obama, thrilled one another by packaging their (wish fulfillment) dreams as fanciful proposals.  One of the clearest signs of their incompetence is the belief–unchallenged in the transcript provided–that I exercise enormous power, even to the point where I am credited with Svengali-like power over Michael Barone.

Trust me, I sit at his feet, not the other way around.  We all should.

There is one little item that might be worth a followup, the one where a Mr Spencer Ackerman proposes that I should be thrown against a wall, or through a plate glass window.  Is that hate speech, by the way?  Is Eric Holder moving to impanel a grand jury?  (Just kidding).

Maybe it would be better to have sushi.  So if Ackerman reads this, he should feel free to set a date.  There’s a good sushi place across the street.  He can buy, and I’ll provide some space and Diet Coke at FDD.

What say?  Yes, there are a couple of suitable windows…

UPDATE:  I got a very straightforward apology from Spencer Ackerman and a dinner invitation.  Well done by him.  I, of course, am holding out for the sushi.  We’ll see…

UPDATE II:  it’s off.  he says his editor wanted the lunch off the record, and I said I don’t talk off the record…so we shall see.

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