The Iranian Body Snatchers at Work

In their desperate search for a way to quell the growing revolt of the Iranian people against the Islamic Republic, the regime's storm troopers are arresting, beating and assassinating the families of the leaders of the Green Movement.  Sunday, as millions of Iranians took the opportunity of the Ashura mourning day to take to the streets, a hit team gunned down the nephew of Mir Hossein Mousavi.

Seyed Ali Moussavi Habibi was witnessing a 4WD Neissan Patrol car running over a few people in front of his house before being shot and killed with the same people in the car. After running over a few people  5 people get off the car and one of them comes very close to Seyed ali Moussavi and shoots him with a gun in  a way that the bullet passes through his chest and comes out from his back.  Then all 5 get on the car and run away.

Seyed Ali's corpse was taken to a hospital, where all could verify the nature of his mortal wound, and the regime ghouls decided to cover up the evidence.  They carted off the body, saying they wanted to investigate the circumstances of his death.  Yes, really.

The demonstrations raged over three days, including today, and you can find good videos all over the net.  Here are two examples:

* Tehran, the evening of Ashura

* A wounded or dead person

The online coverage was excellent, from the New York and London Times to the Guardian, all of whom liveblogged it.  And today there was plenty of reportage.  I will leave you to their tender mercies.  There are several key points to make, and then I will look forward.

First, in line with my basic sermon these many years, if you study the videos you will see many many women in the front ranks.  They have every reason to be there, as the Islamic Republic (as so many Islamic regimes) is built on the sludge of misogyny.