Faster, Please!

Heart of Darkness

Read this letter from a woman in Zimbabwe, and weep.  Weep for the dying and the starving and the penniless in Africa, and weep for the bureaucrats in the “centers of power” who just cannot find a way to bring an end to the terrible evil that is Robert Mugabe’s tyranny.

Years ago I wrote a little book called “Freedom Betrayed” in which I decried the fecklessness of the West–above all, the Clinton Administration of the time–in combating tyranny, after we had led a global democratic revolution that had transformed much of the world.  On this anniversary of the great democratic revolution that created America, it is clear that the West remains feckless.  If anything, it is worse today than it was then, because back then the threats to freedom seemed remote, whereas today they are manifest and imminent.

If we cannot support a fine nation that clearly expressed its wishes in a difficult election, it is unlikely we will find the will to fight the vicious tyrants in the Middle East, even though they daily promise to destroy us.  And what will they be thinking in Beijing and Moscow and Pyongyang?