Faster, Please!

Now We Know Why Karl Rove Resigned

In one of the most brilliant covert action operations in CIA history, Karl Rove left his post at the White House in order to penetrate al Qaeda, and become Osama bin Laden’s top political adviser. Dressed in flowing robes and a turban, and sporting a pepper-and-salt beard provided by central casting, Rove quickly won the trust of the world’s most wanted man.

And then he wrote ‘the speech.’

As a leading Senate Democrat put it: “there is no other explanation for that speech; it does not reflect bin Laden’s thinking at all. It could only have been written by Rove.”

The White House had a brief comment: “Karl Rove is now a private person and it would be improper for us to speak for or about him. All questions have been referred to Mrs. Rove.”