Mask Mandates, the Sequel: Lionsgate Brings Back COVID Protocols for Employees

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Radical leftists are doing their best, in light of a recent spike in COVID-19 cases, to bring back that lockdown feeling. In Hollywood, Lionsgate film studio is reinstating mask mandates and mandatory daily testing for employees.


Apparently, there’s a thing called “lockdown nostalgia” where people actually long to go back to the isolation and feeling of what life was like in the thick of the coronavirus pandemic. I highly suggest that if you are such an individual, you immediately seek psychological help.

Also, there’s no way on earth you’re going to convince the vast majority of Americans ever to go back to the way things were during that period of time. We’re all well aware of the falsehoods we were fed back then and won’t be falling for it again. Just a heads-up from the silent majority that isn’t quite so silent anymore.

According to a report from Breitbart, Lionsgate is now demanding all employees who work at the physical headquarters of the company to immediately start wearing masks at all times when in the building, except if they are working alone in an enclosed office or a large open workspace. Along with the mandate to sport a mask, the studio is also requiring workers to submit to daily COVID testing and to report their results to the company. The information above comes from an internal memo that was obtained by Deadline.

The memo goes on to say that employees have to wear “a medical grade face covering (surgical mask, KN95 or N95) when indoors except when alone in an office with the door closed, actively eating, actively drinking at their desk or workstation, or if they are the only individual present in a large open workspace.”


What’s hilarious about this is that the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health reported the uptick in new COVID cases, but said “overall metrics remain at a low level of concern.” So the powers that be have said that while there are a few more cases floating around, it’s not that big of a deal. Yet Lionsgate is still throwing these extreme measures at their employees like it’s spring 2020 all over again.

It beggars belief that there are people who want to go back to living as we did in 2020. If they could, they’d make it permanent, which is kind of scary. We aren’t meant to be so detached from one another. Not to mention, such a way of life would leave the economy in utter ruins.

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Here’s more from Breitbart:

A growing number of colleges and medical institutions throughout the country are also reinstating mask mandates, with the mainstream news media running articles pushing for the return of face coverings.

Former Obama official and MSNBC medical contributor Dr. Kavita Patel said earlier this month on MSNBC’s “José Díaz-Balart Reports” that a rise in COVID cases meant it was time to bring back masks.

The return of mask mandates comes as the Biden administration is ramping up another round of COVID hysteria ahead of 2024, pressuring all Americans to get the latest booster this fall. This had led to growing suspicion that Democrats will not only impose mask mandates but bring back mass lockdowns ahead of the next presidential election, in a repeat of 2020.


The truth of the matter is, we know masks aren’t all that effective at preventing the spread of the illness. Most Americans have had their eyes opened to the fact that COVID is now endemic. It’s just another part of life, like the flu. And, for the most part, natural immunity seems to have worked after all. It’s time to just accept this reality once and for all. Move on with your lives. The pandemic is over.



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