To Save Europe, Stop All 'Migrants,' Says Hungary's Orban

(AP Photo/Giannis Papanikos)

Hungary’s Viktor Orban has emerged as the leading spokeman for preserving the integrity of Europe against the Muslim hordes of “migrants” and “refugees” seeking to accomplish by sheer force of numbers what they can’t attain through force of arms. So it’s not surprising to hear him say this today:


Hungary’s prime minister says that the flow of migrants entering the European Union must be fully stopped, not just slowed. Viktor Orban said Friday on state radio that ending the migrant flow would be “the decisive issue of 2016” and called for the construction of a “European defense line” on Greece’s northern borders with Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Orban said on state radio that “since no one except us Hungarians protected their external Schengen borders, defenses, visa systems, border controls and fences are being created inside” Schengen’s visa-free travel zone. Orban said “we are increasingly losing the possibility of free movement.”

More than 390,000 migrants passed through Hungary in 2015 on their way to Germany and other western EU destinations, but hardly any entered after Hungary erected fences in September and October on its southern borders with Serbia and Croatia.

The woman in the chancellor’s seat in Germany may not understand that this is war. Maybe she should ask the women who just got groped and molested and raped on New Year’s Even by feral savages from North Africa and Arabia what they think.


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