Stop Press Item: If Court Ruling Goes Against Obamacare, Dems Will Blame GOP

Of course they will. Even though not a single Republican voted for this monstrosity as it was shoved down the throats of the American people. Because, subsidies:


The pressing problem for the 2016 Republican field falls into the “dog catches car” category: It’s one thing to call for the Affordable Care Act to be repealed or to promise an Oval Office signing ceremony for its repeal. It’s another to endorse pulling insurance subsidies used by more than 6 million people in 34 states, including at least 1.3 million Florida residents.

A ruling that subsidies provided to consumers to help them purchase health insurance are not legal could spark chaos in the insurance marketplace and help shape the electoral landscape in several key swing states. Beyond those voters directly affected, many more could see their premiums increase if the law unravels, driving up the number of uninsured.

The administration has said it has no Plan B if the court rules against it. The sitting governors and senators in the GOP presidential field would be among those who need to implement an emergency fix that helps people remain insured. The rest of the candidates would be called upon to offer policy alternatives. All of them would need to balance demands that they support an emergency restoration of benefits with the demands of a conservative base that wants to seize any opportunity to gut Obama’s signature domestic policy achievement.

“The politics of this for Republicans are extremely tricky and treacherous, and most Republicans privately would like to see the Supreme Court take a pass on this one,” said John Ullyot, a Republican strategist.


“A Republican strategist.” Says it all, doesn’t it?


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