All Eight Women in Army Ranger School Wash Out. Up Next: Do-Over

Unsurprising, unless you’re an equality-obsessed zealot who doesn’t care who gets killed as long as things are “fair”:

All eight women vying to become the first female Army Rangers failed to complete the requirements to go on to the next phase of the grueling course, the Army said. The women were admitted to the two-month class as part of a broader effort by the Pentagon to lift the ban on female soldiers serving in “ground combat” jobs, such as the infantry. The Army said Friday that five of the women will leave the course, but three will be given another chance to start the class from the beginning.

Initially, 19 women had volunteered to enter the course when it was opened to women last month. Of those, 11 failed to complete the first four-day phase of the course. The remaining eight went on to the next phase of the course, which is conducted at Fort Benning, Ga. The Army said it is not unusual to allow some students to start over at the beginning. “This is normal course procedures and is used when students struggle with one aspect of the course and excel at others,” the statement said.


Yeah, right. Tell it to the Marines. But you just know that, at Obama’s Pentagon, they’re going to keep trying until some woman has the honor of being the first female soldier killed in front-line combat. Because, historic.



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