RFK Jr. Invites Further Media Ire, Praises Trump as 'Best Debater Since Lincoln'

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Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has praised former President Donald Trump, calling him “probably the most successful debater in this country since Lincoln-Douglas.” This statement, coming from a contender for the Democratic nomination, underscores the fact that neither RFK Jr. nor Trump are your regular politicians.


RFK Jr.’s comments were made during a Fox News interview, where he emphasized the importance of President Biden participating in debates during the primaries. He argued that this would be crucial preparation for the eventual face-off against the Republican candidate, who he believes is likely to be Trump.

Kennedy’s comparison of Trump to Abraham Lincoln, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest presidents in American history, is a testament to Trump’s debating prowess. The Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858 are considered a turning point in American political discourse, and to liken Trump’s debating skills to those of Lincoln is a significant compliment.

The Hill

News website The Hill also published an article about the RFK Jr. interview. In that interview, The Hill showed why so few people trust the mainstream media. The Democratic presidential candidate was described as an “anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist and long-shot candidate for the Democratic nomination.” Man, it must be nice to work for “objective” and “neutral” media! You can just hate on candidates you don’t like and pretend you’re “reporting the news.”

Despite the media’s portrayal, RFK Jr. continues to advocate for open debate and dialogue within the Democratic party. He has urged President Biden to participate in primary debates, likening the incumbent’s lack of preparation to a prizefighter training for a big bout “by sitting on the couch and eating Chick-fil-A.”


Apparently advocating for an open debate is radical, extreme, goofy, and dangerous nowadays, according to media like The Hill.

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Trump and RFK Jr.

RFK Jr.’s praise of Trump underscores a shared understanding between the two, as both are essentially outsiders in their respective political spheres. Trump, a businessman turned politician, disrupted the political landscape with his unconventional approach and candid rhetoric. Similarly, RFK Jr., despite his political lineage, is seen as an outsider within his own party due to his controversial views and the media’s portrayal of him.

Trump’s outsider status has been a significant factor in his appeal to many voters who feel disillusioned with the political establishment. His straightforwardness and willingness to challenge the status quo have resonated with a substantial portion of the electorate, making him a favorite to win his party’s presidential nomination.

On the other hand, RFK Jr. faces a steep uphill battle. His outsider status, rather than being an asset, seems to be a liability within his own party. The Democratic establishment, traditionally supportive of its candidates, appears to be distancing itself from Kennedy. This lack of support from his own party, coupled with the media’s negative portrayal of him, has made his journey towards the nomination considerably more challenging.


With his public commendation of Trump — a figure often demonized by the media — RFK Jr. is undoubtedly steepening his already uphill battle. Yet, there’s an undeniable element of respect that emerges from his actions. Contrary to many of his Democratic counterparts, he’s unafraid to voice his convictions, irrespective of the media’s stance or the views of his party peers. His audacity to challenge the prevailing narrative is commendable, regardless of whether it aligns with the media or his fellow Democrats.



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