The Unsettling Emergence of Transgender Summer Camps: An Attack on Childhood Innocence

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As a concerned citizen, I’m writing this piece today with a heavy heart and a mind filled with outrage. A new trend is sweeping across America, and it’s not just a harmless fad. It’s something much more insidious. It’s something that threatens the very fabric of American society. It’s something that is so fundamentally flawed that it will make your blood boil. We’re talking about overnight transgender summer camps designed specifically for children — some as young as four years old!


These transgender summer camps, such as Camp Lilac in Central Ohio and Camp Mulberry in Southern California, are openly promoting a lifestyle that these young, impressionable children are simply not equipped to understand. They offer ‘voice training’ for kids supposedly suffering from ‘gender dysphoria,’ ‘makeup sessions,’ and ‘other trans-centered activities.’ This is not merely catering to these children’s supposed needs — it’s pushing them down a path they might not be ready to tread.

These camps are cropping up all over the country, from New England to California, Boulder to Colorado. It’s as if the nation is willingly surrendering its future to a perverse ideology that prizes radical identity politics over the welfare of America’s children. This is not the America we know. This is not the America Americans should want for their children.

But what’s even more shocking is the audacity of these camps to bar parents from attending sessions with their children. Let me repeat that: parents, the very people who have the ultimate responsibility for the well-being of their children, are not allowed to participate in these activities. This is an egregious violation of parental rights, and it’s hard to fathom how such a policy could be considered anything other than deeply troubling.


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I’m not alone in my concern. The Daily Wire has also reported on this disturbing trend. According to them, there’s a long list of these transgender summer camps, including Camp Aranu’tiq in New Hampshire, Unicorn Day Camp, and Camp Indigo Point near St. Louis, all geared towards children as young as six years old.

These children are not ‘trans’. They’re just kids. They’re in the most impressionable years of their lives, yet instead of guiding them and nurturing their natural growth, these camps force them into a box and tell them who they should be. This is not just a conservative issue: it’s an issue of basic human rights and decency.

I’ll be clear: this isn’t about prejudice against transgender individuals. This is about the right of a child to be a child, and the right of a parent to parent. It’s about protecting kids from a social experiment that they’re too young to comprehend, let alone consent to.


Every parent who sends their little one to a camp like this needs to seriously question their decision. And perhaps society needs to question whether such parents should retain their parental rights.



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