Candace Owens Rips Debra Messing: 'You Hold a Racist View of Black Americans'

Candace Owens speaking at the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland. Source: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0).

When Will & Grace actress Debra Messing accused the Republican Party of trying to suppress African-Americans’ votes, popular conservative activist Candace Owen struck back. Republicans aren’t racist, Messing is, Owens argued.


One of the most annoying characteristics of modern liberals is that they accuse everybody of racism. Even if you have never treated anyone with a different skin color badly, they say that you’re still racist; you just don’t know about it. Oh yes, we whites all suffer from subconscious racism. Or whatever they call it. They only exception are, of course, white liberals. Unlike all other whites, they are pure of heart and absolutely not racist.

Debra Messing is one of those pathetic little liberals who constantly plays the racist card. Oh yes, she argues, every single person who is not outspokenly supportive of the Democratic Party must be racist. As for the Republican Party? That’s simply the new KKK.

Just take a look at this ridiculous tweet from Madame Messing:


“You won’t accept this but black people are targeted by Trump’s GOP for voter suppression,” Messing wrote to African American Twitter phenomenon Terrence K. Williams. “Charlottesville was about Trump supporters hating POC and Jews.”

Note: earlier she had promoted a message calling black Trump supporters mentally ill, which is why Williams went after her in this video:

Another African American activist (and author of the upcoming book Blackout), Candace Owens, responded to Messing’s ridiculous accusations.

“Please stop telling black people what we are ‘targeted by’ to satisfy your ‘white savior’ complex,” Owens told Messing. “The fact that you can’t accept that black people support Trump is evidence that you hold a racist viewpoint of black Americans as a monolith, proprietary to the Democratic Party.”


And that’s the truth of the matter. All too often, the very same liberals who accuse every single conservative of racism are actually deeply racist themselves. This is clearly the case with Debra Messing, who apparently believes that blacks a) are one homogenous group without any individual differences and b) should stay on the Democratic plantation. Or else.


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