Facebook Gives In To Demands from British Remainers, Widens Probe Into Alleged Russian Interference

Not so fast, John Bull

Facebook said on Wednesday that it will broaden its investigation into whether Russia meddled in the 2016 referendum on Great Britain’s membership in the European Union, The Wall Street Journal reports. The company made the announcement after a request from a “committee of U.K. lawmakers.” One of those lawmakers is Damian Collins, who said he welcomed Facebook’s decision.


“Facebook has a responsibility,” he said. “They recognize the seriousness of the problem and that lots of people, Parliaments, and governments are really concerned about it.”

What The Wall Street Journal fails to mention is that Collins was an opponent of Brexit. As you can see on this website, he was one of the establishment Tories who pleaded with voters to vote for the United Kingdom to remain in the EU.

This is rather important information because it explains why he continues to pursue the Russia story even though his own government concluded earlier that it has found no evidence of successful Russian interference in the Brexit referendum. Clearly, this isn’t about Russian interference but about Miller trying to discredit the referendum results.

Like his fellow Remainers (or as we in Europe like to call them: Remoaners), the MP just can’t accept defeat. He can’t accept the simple fact that British voters want to have no part of the European establishment’s dream of a USE — the United States of Europe. The British government can tell him that Russia has little to no influence on the results, and Facebook can tell him, but he doesn’t care; the results have to be discredited no matter what.  After all, nothing is allowed to stand in the way of a Glorious United Europe. No, not even the will of the citizenry.


If proponents of Brexit don’t push Prime Minister Theresa May to follow through on her promise to get out of the EU fast, they could very well end up with a new Brexit referendum. Then, however, the establishment will undoubtedly do whatever it takes to “win” — including lying, deceiving, and hiding important information from voters. Brexiteers won the referendum once, chances of them getting a fair shot at doing it all over again are non-existent.



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