Trump Reduces EU to Begging: 'Please Don't Change the Climate for the Worse'

United States President Donald Trump stands with French President Emmanuel Macron, left, and President of the European Council Donald Tusk. (Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press via AP)

It’s pathetic enough in and of itself that European “leaders” feel forced to beg Donald Trump not to do something (i.e. to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement), but do they really have to humiliate themselves publicly? See what Donald Tusk, the “president” of the European Council and therefore one of the most powerful men in Europe, tweeted earlier today:


Yes, he actually tweeted that.

Note, this is one of those European “leaders” who regularly brag that the European Union is now a “world power” and that “we” don’t truly need the United States anymore. And what does he do? He literally begs Trump — in public! — not to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate deal.

Pathetic. The EU has been reduced to a bunch of beggars. Of course, they are beggars with an attitude, but even that doesn’t make this any better. In fact, it makes them look even worse.


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