Civil War: Trump Goes on an Epic Twitter Rampage Against 'Disloyal Republicans'

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Another day, another chapter added to the Republican civil war. Thanks to Donald Trump, of course:


As The Fix’ Chris Cillizza writes on Twitter, I’ve never seen anything like this.


It’s utterly amazing to see this happening. Trump has completely lost it. He’s going rogue in ways that nobody else would ever contemplate. He has become unhinged.

Although I don’t care about him losing the election — his fate is sealed — it is extremely problematic that he could take the entire GOP down with him. According to publisher and journalist Taegan Goddard, the House of Representatives is now actually in play. Nobody saw that coming several months ago — and for good reason. After all, the Republican majority is so large, it should be untouchable.

Out of spite, Trump is burning down the house. All those caught in the fire will perish.

Well done, Republican primary voters, you nominated the one guy who could not defeat Hillary and who is willing to take everybody else down with him.


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