There Is No Good Reason for Conservatives to Vote for Trump Over David French

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Yesterday my esteemed colleague at PJ Media, Rick Moran, criticized Bill Kristol and his friends for possibly pushing National Review columnist David French for president. According to reports, French may become the independent candidate #NeverTrump conservatives have been calling for in recent weeks.


Rick isn’t impressed:

Don’t get me wrong. French is a great writer and has a fine legal mind. He’s a go-to guy when an important SCOTUS case comes down and you want all that legalese boiled down to the essentials.

But for all his gifts, French has no more the skill set to be president than a less than one-term Illinois senator who was elected in 2008. The fact that he’s evidently a nice guy, polite, listens to people, and is a practical conservative hardly matters when you’re across the table from Vladimir Putin.

He then proceeded to blast Kristol for supposedly suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Although I understand anyone’s wish to defeat Hillary Clinton come November, I see no reason for conservatives to support Donald Trump over her. Yes, he has an “R” next to his name, but that’s also the only “conservative credential” he has. Trump is a megalomaniac, untrustworthy, a boaster, a bore, a pathological liar… and he doesn’t have one conservative bone in his body. Can someone please explain to me why he would be a better president than Hillary?

I just don’t see it.

Trump’s official tax plan is OK (though not as good as Ted Cruz’s), but that says more about Cruz’s plan than about Trump’s. Sadly, however, the billionaire businessman has already distanced himself from it. Then there are his “anti-immigration” plans, including the building of a wall at the Mexican border. Reportedly, he has told left-leaning reporters that he doesn’t actually plan to follow through on any of these promises. Oh, and then there are his comments on changing the Republican Party’s platform with regards to abortion, the fact that he has repeatedly sung the praises of the professional baby killers of Planned Parenthood, and his remark last year that his radically liberal judge sister would make a “phenomenal” SCOTUS justice.


And let’s not even talk about his well-recorded support for GOP establishment hacks and radical Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and her husband.

Perhaps David French isn’t the charismatic, wealthy and well-known independent candidate #NeverTrump conservatives were hoping for, but he’s still significantly better than The Donald.


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