CNN Finally Admits: There's No Way in Hell Donald Trump Can Win the General Election

(AP Photo/Paul Vernon)

Yesterday morning, a CNN panel finally admitted what many Cruz supporters have been saying for months: there’s absolutely no way in hell that Donald Trump can win the general election.


The Donald has several major weaknesses, including his lack of popularity among African Americans and Hispanics. The GOP can do without the former (it has done so for decades), but if the party is destroyed among the latter, chances of winning the general election decrease significantly.

There’s another weakness Trump has, however, and that’s the weakness that won’t just “decrease” his chances of winning but annihilate them: his horrendous favorability ratings among women. As the CNN panel explained:

An astonishing 66% of female voters have an unfavorable opinion of Trump. That’s two thirds. Now, if Trump wins 75% of the male vote, he may still be able to win, but that’s not going to happen. The electorate is simply too divided for him to do so.

What’s more, Trump is universally considered a wildly anti-women macho guy, who sees women as sex objects. He has reinforced that image himself by talking about how it must have been a pretty picture to see a female contestant of The Apprentice begging on her knees, or how Megyn Kelly was bleeding from “her whatever.”

The math is simple: Hand Donald Trump the Republican nomination and you’re handing the presidency to Hillary Clinton. Is that truly a price Trumpkins are willing to pay?


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