Honesty = Disloyalty

I’m enjoying the new blog by Eric the Unread, a disgruntled lefty type who lives somewhere in Britain and moved to the center like I did. (Hey, Eric. The Tories are useless, so at least you can stick with the Labor Party. I’m homeless. Can we have Tony Blair when you’re finished with him?)
In an entry titled What’s wrong with the left Eric points to this post at the Washington Monthly by Kevin Drum, formerly of Calpundit fame.


Last Friday I said that I was skeptical that the Killian memos were genuine, and boy did I hear from y’all about that. My inbox is still creaking under the weight of charges of liberal disloyalty.

Sorry about that, Kevin. At least now you know how Eric the Unread and I feel all the time.
Tim Blair published a list of those charges of disloyalty, culled from Kevin’s comments box. It’s pathetic stuff, really, and there is only so long a person can put up with this crap before saying to heck with it.
If you haven’t checked out Eric’s blog yet, treat yourself. It’s good.



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