BREAKING: Kidnapped Americans in Mexico Found: Two Dead, Two Survived

AP Photo/Augusto Zurita

A Mexican official said Tuesday that the Americans who were kidnapped on video in Mexico while traveling have been found. Two are dead, one is injured, and the fourth is unharmed.


Mexican soldiers hunted for the victims after video footage showed gunmen attacking and kidnapping the four Americans who had driven over the border just twelve minutes from Texas. The State Department has issued a “do not travel” warning to Americans seeking to go into Mexico near the border where drug cartels are operating without interference from law enforcement.

The victims were said to be in Mexico seeking cheaper medicine. It’s a disgusting state of affairs when medicine is less expensive in Mexico, forcing Americans to risk their lives to get it. Did anyone think they’d see the day when Americans sought healthcare in Mexico? Perhaps instead of a “do not travel advisory,” this country could crack down on the price gouging Pfizer and its brethren in Big Pharma continue to perpetrate on cash-strapped Americans.



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