GLAAD's Club Q Shooting Response Calls for Silencing Critics

Fernando Llano

When a known wolf opened fire on club-goers at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colo., the shooter’s name wasn’t even public before the usual suspects started screaming about how criticism on social media of the insane LGBTQWTF**kery infecting our kids’ schools is to blame for the violence. We still don’t know what the shooter’s motives were, but we do know that he was known to police and had a previous troubling incident where he threatened to blow someone up with a bomb. But because Club Q is a gay club, the people who hate free speech have taken the opportunity to attack the first amendment in a predictable way.


“You can draw a straight line from the false and vile rhetoric about LGBTQ people spread by extremists and amplified across social media, to the nearly 300 anti-LGBTQ bills introduced this year, to the dozens of attacks on our community like this one,” GLAAD’s president and CEO, Sarah Kate Ellis, said.

But can you? For one, we have no idea what the shooter’s motives were and if history proves, it’s more likely that he’s mentally ill and has been ignored by law enforcement who should not have ignored him. But even if he were harboring some anti-LGBT sentiment, that in no way should curtail everyone else’s right to speak out about whatever they want, including criticizing the outrageously radical and highly sexual agenda brought to us by the LGBTQWTF activists and groups like GLAAD.

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The rainbow cult is desperate for parents to shut up about the disgusting pornographic books their activists put in children’s libraries, and the unscientific and confusing nursery stories for kindergartners that tell them they can be the opposite sex if they don’t conform to gender-specific toys. The cult really wants us to shut up about the dangers of puberty blockers to children and the crippling complications of gender “affirming” surgeries. The cult wants us to give up our parental authority to school counselors and the state. We’re not going to do any of that. 


They’re so desperate for us to be silenced that they are now trying to smear everyone who refuses to join their cult as being responsible for some deranged lunatic who shot people. It’s absurd. The right has been trying to solve these issues of grooming and sexualization of children through social awareness, legislation, and lawsuits, not violence. Our legitimate efforts to use social media, education, and the legal system to advocate for laws that protect children cannot and should not be stymied in any way by hysterical harpies lying about us.

Our goals are righteous: Protect children from sexualization before they can do long division. Stop the medical industry from interfering with child development and playing god and experimenting on mentally ill kids. Get porn out of schools.

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We will continue to pursue those goals no matter how many times GLAAD tries to defame and vilify our efforts as somehow dangerous and capable of inciting violence. These types of attacks on the first amendment should be met with total ridicule and mockery.

No one is above criticism. No one, not even the sainted LGBTQ+ band of cultists, can demand that America cease to be the land of the free because they don’t like what free people say about them. Here’s a reminder: GLAAD supports people bringing kids to drag shows. GLAAD insists that porn is “inclusive” and belongs in middle school libraries. GLAAD supports teachers telling kindergartners that they can change genders before they can even read. These are not stable or rational people pushing this garbage, and we will continue to call it out without fear of being labeled bigots. And our gay friends on the right side are 100% with us.


We will not be silenced through fear of slander and libel. If GLAAD thinks that’s going to work, they’ve got another think coming. We’ve been hardened to take the worst insults — from “Nazi” to “white supremacist” — and just laugh. So, if they think “bigot” is going to work, they’ve miscalculated. We aren’t bigots; we’re parents, and we’re not going to let you corrupt our kids with this god-awful pedophilic campaign. Just take a look at what one “Sexual Minority Youth Network” is doing with kids!

My hope is that the perpetrator of the Club Q shooting will be held fully accountable, and we will finally come to an agreement that it’s not guns or words that cause these horrific events but mentally ill people who are not controlled or treated somewhere safely away from the rest of us. But silencing concerned parents fighting for the rights of our kids not to be exposed to adult kink? That’s something that will NEVER happen, no matter what tragedy the left tries to exploit and use against us.



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