The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 102: Banned Books Week Scam with Library Expert Dan Kleinman

(PJ Media)

This week’s episode should not be missed. It’s the last day of Banned Books Week according to the American Library Association. This is the week they attempt to make gullible people believe that parents complaining about pornographic books in elementary and middle schools is somehow the same as book-burning rituals performed by Nazis. Tune in to find out why it’s so disingenuous and what parents need to know about their rights when it comes to the garbage the ALA wants their kids to read.

Find out who are the worst offenders, who is behind it, and why they continue to insist that books available literally everywhere are “banned.” Also, there’s great news in the free speech realm, and parents won a huge victory over the porn-pushers this week.

Tune in to find out more!



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