'Trans Closets': The Latest Way Schools Are Sneaking Around Behind Parents' Backs

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The Gendergeddon Cult members are up to their shenanigans again. Libs of Tik Tok found a disturbing message on social media about the creation of a “trans closet” in a Denver middle school. The post reads, “Our school, DSST Conservatory Green Middle School, is creating a closet for our trans students to be able to access clothing reflecting their gender identity.”


What’s a trans closet and why would there need to be one at school? The transition closet appears to have started on college campuses to provide clothing options for “trans” students. I don’t know why 18-year-olds can’t buy their own “gender-affirming” clothing, but let’s face it: they probably don’t have jobs with all the time they spend in gender clinics getting shot up with hormones and whining about hetero-oppression. But now, the trans closets are moving into middle schools and high schools. The whole point of a trans closet in a school with minors is to allow students to hide their “gender identity” from their parents. Here’s a teacher in California explaining it: “My principal just approved our district’s first transition closet…to provide clothes for transgender, non-binary, and gender-exploring youth who maybe don’t have the access or the safety to get those clothes in their personal lives. They’ll be able to come to school and change into clothes that make them feel more at home and more like themselves.”


happy to be working with @the_transition_closet to provide clothes and supplies for #trans #nonbinary #queer students #lgbt #teachersoftiktok #gay

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The closets are specifically designed for students to hide their clothing from their parents, and the school is facilitating that deception (and charging the parents for it through their property taxes). But if you thought that these closets are just filled with clothes, there are more pernicious things inside like breast binders and instructions on how to tuck your penis. (One closet I found offered tutoring in this area, but it was not in a school but in a church—which is equally inexplicable.) Both of these practices, binding and tucking, are extremely damaging to the body and can cause lifelong injury. All of this is paid for by your tax dollars, housed in a school you paid for, and causing harm to your kids by usurping parental authority and encouraging children to lie to you and trust agents of the state—whose salaries you also pay. Don’t forget, these are the same schools that won’t give your kid an Advil without your written permission. Are we having fun yet?


Thank you again to gc2b for making us a donation spot! #thetransitioncloset #binders #transgenterftm #transnonbinary

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The damaging effects of binding breasts is well-documented.

One of the biggest health consequence of chest binding is compressed or broken ribs, which can lead to further health problems. Unfortunately, you can fracture the ribs fairy easily so you should avoid binding your chest using bandages or tapes, as these can be unsafe.

Compressing your chest too tightly or incorrectly can permanently damage small blood vessels. This can cause blood flow problems and increase the risk of developing blood clots. Over time, this can lead to inflamed ribs (costochondritis) and even a heart attack due to decreased blood flow to the heart.

Not only can binding and tucking cause damage, but the use of these methods affirms the child’s delusion that they can be the opposite sex. This sends them down a road to medicalization, resulting in cross-sex hormones and irreversible surgeries for the rest of their lives. Why is the public school system creating new customers for Big Pharma and the plastic surgery industry? Are they getting a cut? There must be some reason the public school system is determined to trans the kids, and it isn’t because they “love” them or want what’s best for them. We have too much experience with government workers to believe that nonsense, don’t we?


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PJ Media has submitted a freedom of information request to the Conservatory Green Middle School for all documentation, emails, board minutes, and public debate that went into the planning and approval of this “trans closet.” We will update you if they release the records.



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