Rittenhouse Friend Dominick Black Accepts 'Amazing' Plea Deal That Drops all Federal Charges for a Civil Fine

Sean Krajacic/The Kenosha News via AP, Pool

Dominick Black, the young man who purchased the gun that Kyle Rittenhouse used to defend himself from violent pedophiles and felons on the streets of Kenosha, has accepted a plea deal that will result in a civil fine. This deal will not affect his future employment or his life going forward. It’s a good deal. The resulting charge will be “contributing to the delinquency of a child,” even though the child in question, Kyle Rittenhouse, was found not to be delinquent in the same court.


These details, however, should not be a sticking point, according to lawyers following the case. YouTuber attorney Nick Rekeita made a video detailing how this plea, brought by prosecutor Thomas Binger, is a defense attorney’s dream. “This is under the county ordinance … more akin to a speeding ticket than a misdemeanor,” said Rekeita. Binger dismissed two felony charges in exchange for the deal, which includes a $2,000 fine. “This is an absolute dream of a deal you would kill for as a defense attorney,” continued Rekeita. “If you can turn felonies into civil violations of a county ordinance, you have done absolutely astounding work.”

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As for Black, Rekeita says that it’s a great deal for him as a defendant. “This should never have been charged,” said Rekeita. “But proving that out in court — fighting through a trial, if you have to, or even getting a dismissal but then going to an appeal on this issue — is tens of thousands of dollars to up to even a hundred thousand dollars in a relatively high profile case. And the real risk is that a jury and judge disagree with you and you ultimately are found guilty of the criminal act with severe penalties … jail time in prison in Wisconsin. Do you want to do that? Most people would say no.”


Black has agreed to the deal and Judge Schraeder has signed it. It’s done. Black is moving on with his life.

As for Binger, he promised us he would be prosecuting rioter Joshua Ziminski for firing the gun that sparked the Rittenhouse event. Ziminski is also charged with arson. We’ll be watching to see how vigorously Binger goes after him.



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