Weekly Good News Wrap-Up: Manly Aussies, Autumnal Glory, and Gun Nuts

AP Photo/Andrew Selsky, File

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you have a fantastic weekend planned with lots of fall activities. Here in New York, there’s a chill in the air and it’s officially sweatshirt weather. It’s time for knitted scarves and tams, tweed and caramel apples, and burning leaves and woodsmoke. It happens every year, and I’m never sick of it. There’s something amazing about seasons. For those of you in Florida or wherever you are where the weather never changes, I’m just sorry for you. How do you survive without the gradual cooling of the air and the crunch of leaves underfoot? How? I don’t get you people. I love you but I don’t get you. Fall in New York is so amazing it almost makes up for having to live with communists. Just kidding. Fall even makes me love them. There is very little that a chilly breeze over a windswept lake surrounded by red maples won’t fix for me. I even love spiders in the fall and spend way more time than normal admiring their handiwork. It’s a magical time that seems to right all wrongs. I love it so much and with all my pumpkin-spiced white girl heart.


So for those of you in those places where leaves just stay green (boring), here’s what you’re missing. (Buckle in, you have at least two more months of this from me.)

Handsome Aussie rugby player rescues goat–and it’s everything

I’ve watched this about ten times. My absolute favorite part of this is when rugby star Nick Cummins looks at the goat he just untangled while holding him and tells him he’s beautiful. The goat then looks right at him and has a moment. Cummins is also extremely easy on the eyeballs. That’s a man! You’re welcome, ladies. (Wait for the end. It’s so good.)

Catholic radio is where it’s at

Do you want a welcome relief from the nastiness of everything? Try Catholic radio, especially “The Catholic Current” by philosopher and priest Father Robert McTeigue who happens to invite me on his program pretty regularly. But if you want to hear the news from a spiritual perspective, this is a great show. Father McTeigue always comes up with a question that stumps me. Tune in to hear our interview yesterday. It always helps me to talk to Fr. McTeigue when the world gets to me. He soothes my anxious heart, and he’ll do that for you too.

Oh, America, how I love thee and thy gun-crazy population

I laughed so hard reading the responses to this silly question about how you would feel if you found out your neighbor had forty guns and tens of thousands of rounds of ammo. I don’t think these were the answers Dave Vescio (some kind of actor or something) was expecting. 😂 Enjoy. Make sure you click through because the responses only get funnier.

So get out on the range this weekend you crazy gun nuts and bond with your neighbors over hot lead and scared leftists. Be kind and generous and as always, hug your kids and say your prayers. See you next week!



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