BOMBSHELL: FBI Scandal Over Sexually Abused Gymnasts Rises to Criminal Level, Says Inspector General

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Michael Horowitz, Department of Justice inspector general, dropped a bomb during the Senate hearing to get to the bottom of the hideous and inexplicable FBI cover-up of sexual abuse of the women’s USA gymnastics team that led to the molestation of hundreds of female athletes.


Mandy O’Brien, a body language expert, put out the video below analyzing FBI chief Christopher Wray and his weasel-like responses to the grilling. Not only is the body language analysis fascinating, but this clip shows that the DOJ inspector general himself believes the actions of the FBI may have been criminal in nature. “We found that they violated criminal law sufficiently,” he said adding that he had referred the agents involved for prosecution. The DOJ inexplicably refused to prosecute and refused to even send a representative to be questioned by the Senate panel.

In the video below, watch Christopher Wray attempt to push the blame onto everyone but himself. If there’s a smarmier swamp-dweller in Washington, I can’t name one. What a jerk.

Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) asked Horowitz if the FBI employees misrepresented the facts of the investigation. Horowitz answered, “They did. We found that both the person who wrote the report that Ms. Maroney testified about falsely testified to us about what he did in connection with that report.” Then Horowitz dropped an incredibly scandalous nugget of information: “And Special Agent in charge [Jay] Abbott made false statements to us about steps that he took in 2015 when these allegations came in but also about his job-seeking efforts with the U.S. Olympic committee.”


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Excuse me? The special agent in charge of the FBI listened to witness statements that Larry Nassar was fingering little girls and he didn’t arrest anyone, but instead tried to get a job with Nassar’s employer. Is that what I am hearing? Did an FBI agent bury criminal pedophilia for personal gain? Not only should he be prosecuted for lying to the FBI and for being a terrible person, but he should also have all of his hard drives confiscated and every minor in his life should be interviewed immediately to find out if he is a pedophile too. The Indy Star has done a great job trying to uncover this disgusting mess.

In the fall of 2015 — as more young women and children continued to be victimized due to the agency’s missteps — Abbott and then-president of USA Gymnastics Stephen Penny discussed the opportunity of a security job for Abbott at the U.S. Olympic Committee, the report found.

Penny later resigned his post in March 2017, facing public scrutiny and backlash, and has been charged with evidence tampering.

Within a week of Penny’s resignation, Abbott emailed an unnamed friend expressing interest in applying for another job: the USA Gymnastics vacancy created by Penny’s resignation.

Wait until you hear what Abbott’s email said.


“I also believe it may be in ‘poor taste’ or ‘unprofessional’ to directly contact [the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors Chairman] regarding the position given the circumstances,” the email said, according to the inspector general report. “However, I do believe that if [the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors Chairman] became aware of my availability and interest in the position that he too would see the potential benefits of my leadership to USAG.”

Abbott should be locked up just for being dumb enough to put that in writing. As it is, Abbott was allowed to retire in 2018 and the DOJ declined to prosecute him.

PJ Media’s Stephen Kruiser wrote about this yesterday, detailing the horror that McKayla Maroney went through at the hands of the FBI.

McKayla Maroney’s testimony (video below) was particularly graphic and brutal. She not only detailed the horrors Nassar visited upon her, but she also went over the insanely tone-deaf questioning that she had to endure at the hands of the FBI. “They asked if he used gloves, I said no.” As if that would have made things better. “They asked if this treatment ever helped me.” A warning for those who watch the video: the questions above begin at the 2:32 mark,  the two statements prior to that are even more graphic and awful. Her remarks are exceedingly damning.

Nassar was raping Maroney when she was 15 years old. Just when you think that the story can’t possibly get any worse, Maroney reveals that the FBI falsified her report.


If the FBI didn’t intend to do anything with this graphic testimony why did they put her through it? Did the FBI agents victimize Maroney again by making her divulge lurid details of her assault to a room full of men who sat there visualizing her rape, all the while knowing they were going to bury this crime? They should be investigated for sexual harassment on top of everything else they did. This is the lowest of the low. But as usual, no one is going to jail. No one is being investigated. The DOJ isn’t even returning phone calls from senators.

Like Kruiser, I too must stop commenting now because anything else I need to say about these criminals would surely get me on an FBI watch list if I’m not there already.


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