It's About Time: James O'Keefe Says Radical Left-Wing Teachers Are On the Run

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In an interview with the Daily Wire’s Candace Owens, James O’Keefe delivered great news about the rabid left-wing indoctrinator teachers who have recently been caught on film, including the so-called “Antifa teacher” at a Natomas Unified School District school in California. After O’Keefe’s undercover video of Gabriel Gipe dropped, showing the teacher threatening to turn his students into Antifa radicals in 180 days (inside footage showed his classroom covered in left-wing propaganda, including the Antifa flag), hundreds of parents showed up to demand his firing. The school did what the community asked and fired the teacher. The video of Gipe is quite shocking. He admits to giving extra credit to his students for attending Antifa protests, where violence is a normal occurrence.


You can see that tape that caused the outrage below.

“I do feel like we are at a turning point,” O’Keefe told Owens. “A student inside the school took a photo of the Antifa flag on the wall and told us about the teacher, and we corroborated it. So it’s become a grassroots movement of people on the inside who film what’s going on.”

Brave students all over the country have been filming their radical teachers–and, for once, schools are actually taking actions against teachers who politically and ideologically abuse their students. “Every time I break one of these, a hundred more people become informants,” said O’Keefe.

Schools will not act on their own without the public pressure that comes with undercover video, and some schools are taking actions that are legally questionable to keep these videos from existing in the first place. “They did nothing until we showed up. Then they said they were going to fire this guy. So they admitted he did something wrong,” said O’Keefe.

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O’Keefe went on to marvel at the reaction from the community, which is hopeful for parents who want a politically neutral learning environment for their kids.


That’s why this is such a big deal. Most of the time [Project Veritas] is always on the one on defense. We’re always complaining about the problems. Well, now they’re on defense. There was a school board meeting that happened the day after this tape came out. Hundreds of parents showed up. They were all indignant, they were all upset, they were all on the verge of tears. I was on the verge of tears watching them. And they were all upset – ‘why didn’t you guys do anything?’ … So the system is completely broken. There are a lot more people like  this guy, but I feel like there was a turning point moment last week to see all of these hundreds [of outraged parents.] … What gives me hope is the fact that I am receiving these messages on the inside of all these organizations.”

Highlights from that meeting show one mother irate about the fact that a teacher put her child in danger against her wishes. It is scary to think that in two weeks her daughter was lured to an Antifa event by her teacher without her knowledge. Antifa protests have been racked with violence, including violent beatings, pepper spray attacks, fires, and vandalism to public property. They have also lead to multiple arrests and hospitalizations. The school board is lucky that one of Gipe’s students did not end up getting hurt or their liability would be off the charts.


According to O’Keefe, there were so many outraged parents in attendance that the superintendent cut the meeting short . He and the board members left through the back door, claiming they felt threatened. After that, the superintendent, Chris Evans, did sit down with Project Veritas and answered questions about how the school handled itself during this event. Evans defended the idea that the school had no idea that a guy who decorated his room with an Antifa flag and a poster of Chairman Mao was a commie-sympathizing radical. But kudos to him for facing the press.

This is a winning issue for parents who are concerned about the radicalization of our public schools. If even the parents in California will stand up, start a ruckus, and put Gipe in the unemployment line, it’s a winning strategy across this nation. Radical teachers have pushed too far. Parents already have COVID fatigue and are fighting teachers’ unions to get their kids back to school. This has spent up all the goodwill that teachers normally have. No one is going to tolerate this nonsense anymore. The best teachers teach kids how to think for themselves. Let’s keep those and get rid of the rest. 

Take my advice that I offered here a few weeks ago and supply little Janie and Johnny with the tools they need to fight back against the insidious attempts to indoctrinate and brainwash them against their parents and their country. The time for silence is over. Let’s build an “Army of Davids” to take on the left.


You can see clips of the interview with Candace Owens below or subscribe to the Daily Wire for the full episode.


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