What Is Happening? AOC, Trump Jr., and Ted Cruz Suddenly Agree on Something

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The Reddit Wall Street Bets (WSB) stock revolution is bringing the most unlikely people together. It’s a strange day when hatred for Wall Street brings unity on the left and the right. If you’re not up to date on the market upset, you can catch up below.


How it began:

How a Bunch of Redditors with $600 Stimulus Checks Outsmarted Wall Street Hedge-Fund Managers

How it’s going:

Robinhood Protecting the Rich? GameStop Buys Halted in Massive Game Of High-Stakes Chicken

GameStop stocks have fallen most of the morning due to the restrictions, though a dog fight was brewing with a rally around noon. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted, “It took less than a day for big tech, big government and the corporate media to spring into action and begin colluding to protect their hedge fund buddies on Wall Street. This is what a rigged system looks like, folks! #RobinHood #RedditArmy #GME #GMEtothemoon.”

AOC chimed in, “This is unacceptable. We now need to know more about @RobinhoodApp’s decision to block retail investors from purchasing stock while hedge funds are freely able to trade the stock as they see fit. As a member of the Financial Services Cmte, I’d support a hearing if necessary.”


Ted Cruz then retweeted AOC responding, “Fully agree.”

If Congress is looking for “collusion” crimes, maybe they should check out what’s going on with Wall Street.

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Robinhood for halting sales of GameStop and other stocks targeted by Redditors.

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