Jake Tapper Gets Owned on Twitter for Stupid Tweet About Whistleblower

President Donald Trump. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Jake Tapper, alleged reporter at CNN, got roundly mocked on Twitter for sending out this breathless tweet: “A Trump campaign official just RTed a tweet containing the name of the alleged whistleblower.”


OH NOES! Whatever will we do? It’s not as if EVERYONE KNOWS THE ALLEGED WHISTLEBLOWER IS ERIC CIARAMELLA! Just kidding, we all do. But fakey-fake news reporters are continuing to pretend like we don’t and we’re all committing crimes for repeating it. This reminds me of when CNN tried to tell Americans we were breaking laws by reading WikiLeaks and sharing John Podesta’s emails. Yeah, okay.

The responses to Tapper on Twitter were fun.

Screenshots via Twitter

The idea that the so-called “whistleblower,” who started this whole impeachment mess by claiming to have overheard improprieties on the Trump-to-Ukraine phone call, must remain a secret is absurd. First, it’s not a secret and hasn’t been for months. The idea that his life is in danger is also stupid. He’s still alive and to date, no reports of any attempts on his life have been claimed. Further, the transcripts of the call have been released and it’s clear to everyone except Democrats that Ciaramella’s concerns were garbage. What we need to know now is who was Ciaramella working for, who is he connected to, and who put him up to this? Those are questions we should find out during the Senate trial.


Enough already of the unhinged scolding about this guy. The media needs to stop pretending like everyone is doing something illegal by repeating this guy’s name. It’s out there. There’s no taking it back. And our whistleblower laws do not guarantee anonymity. Someone should tell Chief Justice Roberts, since he’s also laboring under the false assumption that we aren’t allowed to know who Ciaramella is.


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