Town Spends $42k to Protect Concerned Parents from Drag Queen Story Hour Pushers

Driston Freeman, 6, hugs drag performer Khloe Kash at the Mobile Public Library during Drag Queen Story Hour in Mobile, Ala., on Sept. 8, 2018. (AP Photo/Dan Anderson)

The town of Chula Vista, Calif., has been a hotbed of controversy since the local library implemented Drag Queen Story Hour, attracting protesters, emotional town meetings, and police intervention. Arthur Schaper of MassResistance, an organization that has racked up wins against DQSH across the country, recently discovered through freedom of information requests that the city paid out over $42,000 in police protection in order to have these events due to the extreme unpopularity of DQSH with citizens. Despite weeks of protests and passionate speeches at council meetings, where the vast majority of residents spoke out against having drag queens performing for children, the library went ahead with the event and it ended up costing the taxpayers—big time.


Posted by Arthur Schaper on Tuesday, November 5, 2019


“That money could have fixed roads or provided real reading, writing, and educational services for the Citizens of Chula Vista!” wrote Schaper in a Facebook post where he revealed the FOIA documents. “Call the Chula Vista City Council and DEMAND that they pass an ordinance banning all adult entertainers in public buildings from hosting or promoting events for children!”

Schaper’s concerns are shared by many parents across the country. DQSH events have been rife with controversy, including drag queens teaching toddlers to twerk, appearing in skimpy outfits including thongs and dancing suggestively, violating safe practices by allowing children to have full body contact with drag queens, and in Houston, allowing two sex offenders to read to children. Not only that, but research into the drag queens performing for children shows that on a regular basis they perform highly sexualized adult shows and are by definition adult entertainers. This would be similar to hiring adult film stars to entertain kids and educate them about their professions.


The Chula Vista City Council heard an earful from their own community but still refused to stop the events, instead choosing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on police protection for the protesters. One woman who spoke in front of the council illustrated perfectly the problem with these events. “If speaking about our fears and concerns for our community causes a threat to our safety, something is going tragically wrong in Chula Vista,” she said, referring to the need for so many police to protect the protesting parents from LGBT activists outside the library. The video of the city council meeting can be seen here.

Videos on the MassResistance website show parents opposed to the events being harassed by LGBT activists, who claim to want love to win. But the LGBT supporters’ behavior is so “loving” that it took a small army of police to keep them in line.

“I’m a lifelong Chula Vista resident. I’ve never been more embarrassed to be a citizen of this city today, to see Steve Padilla leading the charge,” said another citizen at the city council meeting in October. “I was over with the group MassResistance and I didn’t say one thing to [the LGBT opposition]. But they used the Lord’s name in vain to me, and they said sexually explicit things to me, and sexually explicit things about my parents.”


Steve Padilla is a Chula Vista council member who actually took part in counter-protests with the LGBT activists against his own constituents. He stood with people who were protesting with gross signs like this one used by Howard Stern trolls.

(Screenshot from MassResistance)

Padilla claims there’s nothing sexual about DQSH, while supporting activists holding sexual signs and listening to them yell sexually explicit things at parents. He also conveniently ignores the fact that at several events, condoms and lube have been handed out to minors. Todd Starnes reported this on his website and had photos to prove it from an event at the King County Library in Washington state.

“The entire event was about sex,” said Lynn Meagher, who attended the event. “The vendor tables were covered” with explicit items and messages, she said.

Our eyes tell us the truth and there’s nothing appropriate or child-friendly about DQSH. Perhaps if the sexually inappropriate shows aren’t enough to get these events shut down, the absolute waste of taxpayer money used to support them will be.



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