Sad News: The Krassenstein Brothers Have Been Banned from Twitter for Life

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Absolutely everyone is reeling from the tragic reports that the Krassenstein brothers’ constant presence on every tweet the president makes is over forever. Twitter has banned the prolific speed-tweeters, famous for their witty #Resistance repartee, for operating fake accounts and apparently buying influence and followers on the platform.


I know what you’re thinking: “Who in the hell are the Krassenstein brothers?” It’s a fair question. I have no idea either. All I know is every time the president tweeted, Ed and Brian Krassenstein would show up immediately with their retorts, usually involving Russian collusion. Like most presidential critics, their barbs were insulting and petty. In fact, they were so forgettable that no one appears to have saved any of them before they were removed from Twitter. It’s such a shame. One transcript appears to remain and it’s rather damning, considering Twitter has accused them of buying influence. Twitter gave a statement to The Hill about the situation: “The Twitter Rules apply to everyone. Operating multiple fake accounts and purchasing account interactions are strictly prohibited. Engaging in these behaviors will result in permanent suspension from the service.”

10 months ago Trump blocked both me & my twin Brian @Krassenstein on Twitter. We didn’t roll over. We fought back.

Brian & I now have a combined 1.2 million followers & won’t let up until Trump is IMPEACHED!

Last week our tweets were viewed a combined 50M times.


— Ed Krassenstein (@EdKrassen) April 21, 2018


Now that I look at it, it’s rather obvious they were buying retweets and followers. Who the heck would volunteer to read that? The stranger part of the Krassenstein saga is that they were investigated for fraud involving…wait for it….Russian collusion. Political Insider reported that the brothers had been raided by the FBI in 2016.

The Krassensteins began hawking dubious investment advice—way back in 2003—on a pair of internet forums, selling ads to online money-making operations that included a number of apparent scams, including some run by people later convicted on charges ranging from fraud to capital murder.

According to prosecutors, the services the Krassensteins promoted on their websites duped thousands of “investors” into funding Ponzi scheme-type scams and even resulted in some downloading a virus that emptied their accounts on an anonymous online-payment platform used by the Krassensteins themselves


Heavy reported that the ads the Krassensteins put on their websites were actually paid for by Russian mobsters running financial frauds. “Federal investigators eventually explained that two of the Krassenstein brothers’ websites had included ads that turned out to be scams. A Russian crime organization was allegedly behind it.” The brothers avoided being charged with a crime, but had to forfeit $500,000, according to Political Insider.

Quality dudes.

The Trump Curse is alive and well. Good riddance, boys. Although, if fake Twitter followers is a crime punishable by permanent deletion, perhaps Twitter should look into this fellow.


Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo.” Follow her on Twitter @MeganFoxWrit


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