Tommy Robinson Calls out the #FakeNews Media for Trying to Destroy His Life

Tommy Robinson holds a protest over the BBC's Panorama show after he released a documentary proving the show had fraudulently targeted him. Saturday, February 23, 2019. (Danny Lawson/PA Wire URN:41374052) (Press Association via AP Images)

Tommy Robinson, the British journalist and activist who was jailed for speaking out about the trial of Islamic rape gangs in defiance of court orders, is free and attacking the biased press for trying to destroy his life. Robinson has faced extreme censorship, having his accounts banned from Twitter and Facebook, and is now facing two strikes on YouTube. Robinson released a new video on YouTube going after the fake news, in particular, the BBC.


Robinson spoke at a rally recently and addressed the journalists who covered his arrest and imprisonment.

You try to portray that I am hated whereas in reality it’s you that are hated. You have lied, you have played your part, all of you who call yourselves journalists. You all know what was happening to those girls in all of those towns and cities and you’ve done nothing! You’ve said nothing! And now none of you have reported the fact that three other journalists the same weekend that I was imprisoned, broke the same reporting restriction that I was imprisoned for, the same weekend! You all know they did and none of you have reported that. None of you have identified that I’m being tried because of who I am not what I done.

Robinson presented evidence at his appeal showing that other journalists who violated reporting laws have never been jailed, let alone for three hours with no attorney, as he was. Instead, the courts have a history of fining journalists who breach court orders.

It is my understanding that there is no individual in the last 60 years that has been sentenced to prison for a publication breach of a reporting order.  It would appear to me that my punishment is exceptional.  I would ask that I am treated in the same manner as every other journalist who has been charged with these allegations. The journalist Rod Liddle was writing for the Spectator magazine in relation to the Stephen Lawrence murder trial, and when he was sentenced for breaching the section 4 order, and risking prejudice to the trial, was given a fine. Journalists at the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror published highly prejudicial material on the trial of Levi Bellfield, who abducted and murdered an 11-year-old child. This contempt of court led to the collapse of the entire case and discharge of the jury and robbed one of his victims of the chance for justice.  The reporters in this instance were not prosecuted and instead their employers were found guilty of contempt and fined £10,000… I have reviewed the transcripts from Leeds Crown Court, where the judge was discussing various reporting order breaches. The judge and the CPS discuss the fact that multiple news sources breached the very same order placed on my trial with some breaching both the reporting orders by mentioning the grooming trial as well as my arrest and prison term. Lizzie Dearden, the home affairs correspondent at the Independent, actually refused to remove the article when provided with the order stating that the effect of social media voids reporting restrictions, so she could not be held in contempt of court. The CPS and the judge agreed that these breaches of the order were a matter for the Attorney General to review.


Not only was Robinson the only journalist imprisoned for a finable offense, but he was moved to a prison full of violent Muslim offenders. Robinson’s entire career is focused on informing the public about radical Islam taking over England. He is well known and hated by Islamic extremists and his life was threatened over and over during his stay in prison.

My case was not referred to the attorney general for review and instead I was hauled into court immediately, refused my own choice of legal representation, prosecuted, and convicted in a matter of minutes in what the Court of Appeal regarded as a flawed trial. I was then imprisoned for over 2.5 months in solitary confinement until I won the appeal. I was held against my categorisation, moved to the highest Muslim population Cat C prison, subjected to mental torture and constant threats and abuse and had all of my rights removed in the interest of prison safety.

After getting out, Robinson caught the BBC planning a documentary to do further damage to his reputation and career. His undercover journalists got BBC staff on camera plying sources with alcohol to fabricate negative stories about Robinson, including exposing fake texts, making up stories of sexual abuse, and telling sources what to say. Robinson’s most recent video posted on YouTube shows his journalists interviewing mainstream press at a protest about their obvious bias against him. It’s well worth watching just to watch media members lie shamelessly on camera. It’s also satisfying to see people who stick cameras in others’ faces and destroy lives for a living have tantrums when it’s done to them.




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