Drew Barrymore Gets Owned by the Mothers of America for Political Instagram Post

Drew Barrymore attending the Glamour Women of the Year Awards, held at the Kings Theater in New York City, NY, USA, November 13, 2017. Photo by Dennis Van Tine/Sipa USA(Sipa via AP Images)

Celebrities are not having a good election season. First, Oprah and Taylor Swift failed to get their preferred candidates elected, and not even Chelsea Handler getting naked in weird social media posts could sway anyone toward anything other than Pepto-Bismol. It seems actress Drew Barrymore is going to join the list of celebrities who are roundly mocked for stepping into politics. Barrymore recently put up this post on Instagram.

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The comments (unedited below) left by mothers of America are absolute hilarity and hopefully a wake-up call that women do not all think alike.

“Reproductive rights? You mean the killing of an unborn human being with a heart beat at just 5 weeks gestation. Reproductive rights… like the cutting off and twisting of limbs, heads etc just to abort another life? No thanks…,” said one.

“Then how many refugee children are you taking care of in your home? That’s what I figured,” said another.

“Mothers vote both sides of the aisle. I hope you’re encouraging us all, not just the ones you agree with,” commented another.

That’s probably not what Barrymore meant, though, considering the graphic is Democrat blue. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Barrymore meant “Vote Democrat.”

It is hard to believe that the left still has no idea that conservative women exist, and not just on Fox News. We are all over this country and we believe in individual freedom, personal responsibility, lower taxes, secure borders, the right to life, and due process. These are not radical ideas, and yet we are invisible to women like Barrymore who don’t venture out of Los Angeles very often to encounter people who think differently than they do.

“How about vote for your best interest?” another commenter wrote. But women on the left don’t have any idea that the things conservatives support are good for women. As a matter of fact, leftist policies are bad for women, especially when it comes to policies that break up families in minority communities. The welfare system has been devastating to the black family in America. Single motherhood soared after women were paid to have babies out of wedlock but refused benefits if they married. These were Democrat policies that destroyed the black family. John Perazzo at Frontpage Magazine wrote,


The most devastating by-product of the mushrooming welfare state was the corrosive effect it had on American family life, particularly in the black community. As provisions in welfare laws offered ever-increasing economic incentives for shunning marriage and avoiding the formation of two-parent families, illegitimacy rates rose dramatically.

For the next few decades, means-tested welfare programs such as food stamps, public housing, Medicaid, day care, and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families penalized marriage. A mother generally received far more money from welfare if she was single rather than married. Once she took a husband, her benefits were instantly reduced by roughly 10 to 20 percent. As a Cato Institute study noted, welfare programs for the poor incentivize the very behaviors that are most likely to perpetuate poverty.

Breaking up families was bad for minority women, especially mothers. Mothers who have babies out of wedlock have much higher rates of poverty and their children suffer statistically more jail time and abuse and get less education. The Republican Party, on the other hand, wants to keep families intact and advocates for marriage and life. It doesn’t demonize or belittle men and fathers, and overall has better policies that keep more money in the pockets of American workers. The women of Instagram let Barrymore know that in no uncertain terms.
Unfortunately, it devolved into a bunch of fighting between commenters that is better left unread.
Barrymore probably meant well, but if we’ve learned anything from this last election it’s that celebrity opinions may hurt the candidates they are trying to help, and so I heartily endorse whenever a celebrity decides to campaign for Democrats. Barrymore is an American and has a right to say whatever she wants and I will still enjoy her movies. Let’s really Make America Great Again and agree to disagree on politics while staying civil and friendly with one another.



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