Top 6 Media Lies That Radicalized the Violent Left

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The anti-Trump rhetoric has morphed into violence and bloodshed more than once over the last year. It began during Trump rallies when Chicago operative Bob Creamer was instrumental in hiring thugs to start violence and bloody up Trump supporters at events. This tactic, called bird-dogging, was used over the entire campaign season at many rallies in order to make it possible for the Democrat media lapdogs like CNN to report that Trump supporters were violent mobs. That narrative failed when James O’Keefe released an undercover video showing Democrat operatives plotting these hoaxes. But the violence didn’t end there. Antifa mobs organized to “bash the fash” at pro-Trump or pro-free speech rallies to stop people from hearing controversial speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter. They rationalized this action by claiming they were stopping “Nazis” and “white supremacists.” The complicit media did nothing to stop such ridiculous claims, but instead fed the flames of hatred. Now there has been a mass shooting targeting Republican congressmen on a baseball field in Virginia by a violent Trump hater who believed the lies about Republicans told by the Left in America. Four people, including Majority Whip Steve Scalise, were injured. These violent attacks have been carried out by people who have been radicalized by the American media. In much the same way ISIS propaganda radicalizes young men, our media has been working overtime to foment hatred and incite violence against us simply because they can’t accept the results of the 2016 election.


The following are the top 6 lies the media told that have radicalized the violent left:

6. Making “nationalism” synonymous with “racist”

This was an insidious thing the media did, conflating the terms “nationalist” with “racist” regularly, which confused people. The term “nationalist” means nothing other than someone who wants to put his country first. There is nothing inherently wrong with someone who loves his country and wants to help its people. It all began when Trump came up with his “America first” speech. Immediately the ADL got the vapors over it. Others on the Left conflated putting America first with dark and scary racism. It must be understood that the Left hates America and wants us to be subservient to the global will. Anyone who wants to bring back the concept of American exceptionalism is a racist according to them.

Meanwhile, actual racists (who are Democrats) get a big fat pass.

5. Republicans want you to DIE

Every time the health care issue comes up, the talking heads are out on CNN or MSNBC claiming that Republicans want to kill you. Here’s an editorial in the failing New York Times that claims the Republicans want the flu to kill you! 


The scramble to keep up with the new flu strain has underscored how wrong some Republicans were to eliminate $870 million for pandemic flu preparedness from the stimulus package on the grounds that it was not relevant to creating jobs or stimulating the economy.

When Republicans aren’t plotting for the flu to knock you off, they’re looking for ways to kill old people, according to actual Democrat representatives.

CNN did not take to the airwaves in a fact-checking fervor to denounce Rosa DeLauro’s ridiculous claims. Instead they quoted her as a serious opponent to the evil Republicans who are out to get you (and your little dog too!).

Alongside Pelosi, Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, an ovarian cancer survivor and Obamacare customer bore witness to the importance of health care coverage for those who have pre-existing conditions.
“This is a very personal fight for me and we will continue this fight … this is about peoples’ lives,” she said. “This is about surviving.”

If you are the type of person to believe CNN is telling you the truth, why wouldn’t you hate Republicans enough to murder them? After all, those awful Republicans are trying to kill you!

4. Republicans have launched a war on women’s health

This hysterical op-ed in the Baltimore Sun has to be read to be believed. You can feel the author #literallyshaking as she uses words in the first paragraph to describe Trump’s “War on Women’s health” like “chilling” and “attack.” Every Republican who is pro-life has been smeared with the lie that they want women to die of cervical cancer or worse in order to defund Planned Parenthood. It’s so absurd, but people believe it because the media repeats it about twenty times a day! In my 41 years on earth, birth control has been widely available everywhere and no Republican has ever tried to outlaw it (to my knowledge). Yet every day some Democrat somewhere is pushing the lie that Republicans are dying to take your condoms and birth control away from you. It’s simply a lie. What Republicans have always been against is allowing women to kill their children up to and until the moment of birth. We are the only advanced country to allow this horror. Third-trimester abortions are never necessary and are always wrong no matter what ridiculous “what if” scenario they come up with. Republicans aren’t trying to kill women, they are trying to save them from the butcher’s knife. Further, we now know that Planned Parenthood is selling baby livers, hearts, kidneys, and brains to the highest bidder without the consent of the women from whose bodies they were torn. And we’re the bad guys warring against women? Watch this ridiculous ad taking comments out of context. Particularly hilarious is Rush Limbaugh’s joke.


3. Republicans hate gays

This is a big one that causes major unnecessary angst in gay circles. I know some who went ballistic after the election, sure that jackbooted thugs would be kicking in their doors that night to drag them to a detainment center where Mike Pence would be waiting with jumper cables to cure them. I’m not kidding.
Here are a few headlines that you would be perusing if you read leftist websites:
What a Trump Presidency Could Mean for LGBT Americans (CNN), which led with this doozy right here:
The election of Donald Trump and running mate Mike Pence set off panic in gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities across the country, as people worried which of their divisive campaign promises would come true.
 These are run-of-the-mill, mainstream sources of news for Democrats. This is where they get their information. Is it any wonder they want to kill us?

2. Donald Trump hates the planet (and so do all Republicans)

Keeping with the “Republicans want people to die” theme, here’s a great article from CNN talking head (and race-baiting community agitator) Van Jones. This even-handed article, Trump May Have Signed Earth’s Death Warrant, was in response to Trump repealing some of the more burdensome EPA regulations that cripple businesses in this country. So not only does Donald Trump want to make you sick, take away your birth control, and kill all the gays, but he’s got it in for the entire planet! Don’t you know???

The Scientific American even chimed in after the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate accord (which would have led to a serious dent in our financial well-being) to let us all know that a major public health crisis could soon result, including an increase in mental illness! (We’ve definitely seen that, but I’m betting it’s the hysterical and untrue news coverage that is contributing and not some global money draining scam we avoided.) Leaving the Paris Climate Accord Could Lead to a Public Health Disaster! Again, these are respected news sources pedaling this hysteria and panic. Watch the clips of the unhinged response to this!

1. Trump is colluding with the Russians!

This one is the most troubling of all. There is absolutely no evidence of any collusion, election tampering (that had any effect at all), or anything else to actually investigate. There hasn’t been one iota of evidence of wrongdoing from Donald Trump in regards to the Russians. If there had been, believe me, we would know about it. Instead we’ve had months of breathless reporting on absolutely nothing, trying to paint Trump as a traitor. We know the FBI director withheld information from us that Trump was never under investigation while at the same time allowing the news organizations to report the opposite. The best interview to watch was Alisyn Camerota on CNN interviewing John Sununu, where she admits they have zero evidence of any Russian collusion (see minute 6:34)! Why are we still talking about this? Is it just to whip up the crazies out there into a murderous frenzy so they go off on some Republicans playing ball? That’s how it’s starting to feel. Criminal.



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