Shia LaBeouf's 4-Year 'Art' Installation Lasted 3 Weeks

When I heard that the live webcam Shia LaBeouf had installed outside the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens (as a four-year protest against Donald Trump) was shutting down a mere three weeks after opening, I’m not going to lie—I laughed until tears ran down my face. I predicted this outcome almost to the day. When I first became aware of it I gave it 28 days before being shut down, but not because anyone on the right was upset at a bunch of whiny leftists chanting “He will not divide us” like entranced Moloch worshippers at a child sacrifice. I knew that LaBeouf would shut it down himself when resistance appeared. And boy, oh boy, did it ever. The left can’t handle any resistance, which is why they need safe spaces with crayons when conservatives book debates with the most provocative voices of our time. (Conservatives literally get hit in the head with metal poles or pepper-sprayed in the face, and yet they go anyway.)


The official story is that the museum shut it down due to “safety concerns” and violence. But I’m not buying it. I’ve actually been a regular viewer of this webcam because what happens overnight is always awesome. That’s when the Trump supporters show up to “red pill” the viewing audience. (Red pill is a term derived from the movie “The Matrix” when Neo is offered either the truth in the form of a red pill or his same existence of sleep-living in the form of a blue pill.) As a participant in the anti-Trump webcam, you are supposed to repeat the phrase, “He will not divide us,” but that quickly gets awkward and boring and you can tell that even the hardcore supporters of this nonsense wish they could be doing anything else. So when the resistance shows up, they give speeches, play music, do little dances, and even host podcasts. When Steven Crowder hijacks your webcam and even brings Dean Cain as a guest, you’ve lost.

But this claim of “violence” was suspect because the only violence I’ve seen captured on that camera was perpetrated by Shia Labeouf himself! He was caught on camera screaming at a protestor and battering him.

In another instance, he hit someone off camera and was led off in handcuffs for it. It is my theory that the museum had nothing to do with the removal of the camera but LaBeouf himself ended it because he was sick of being made a fool of by the persistent hijackers. There are entire sites set up cataloging all the times the camera was taken over by conservatives. None of them were violent. They would wait until it was late at night and no one was there and then they would set up shop and talk to the Internet for a while.


In the most hilarious first attempt at curbing the hijacking, LaBeouf, who is famously against a border wall, constructed a border wall out of metal fences to keep the square from being accessible to everyone. He also started making people form a line outside the wall and face extreme vetting to get to the camera. I am not making this up. I know it sounds like I am, but I assure you it’s true. Here it is before the wall. You can see La Beouf in the foreground with a protester behind him laughing.

After that happened one too many times, up went the wall!


But it didn’t really solve anything because most of the video bombers weren’t coming while crowds of people were there, but were waiting until the wee hours of morning. The latest and apparent last straw was when a group of shirtless men drinking milk and chanting “milk builds gains” showed up. is sure this is a Nazi chant that has nothing to do with body building. It’s like none of these people have ever watched an episode of “Punk’D.” None of them have any sense of humor, and oh, by the way, milk is now racist. Better stop drinking it!

Since the wall didn’t stop the hated rowdy kids from speaking, the whole darn thing got shut down. It’s too bad, because it was super entertaining. Perhaps the best hijacking of the webcam was this one below. Please note: the racial makeup of this group absolutely kills the narrative about who voted for Trump. The language is rough and NSFW (or kids) but the message is right on. Don’t pick this fight, leftists. You can’t win it.



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