At Least the National American Miss Alabama Is Female

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I really hate to talk about beauty pageants. I just think they're weird. The closest I've ever come to watching one was watching "Little Miss Sunshine," and I doubt that counts. Yet today, I have to talk about two pageants and what they say about American culture today.

You've probably never heard of the National American Miss (NAM) Pageant, but the pageant is getting a lot of buzz since crowing an obese, 23-year-old woman named Sara Milliken as National American Miss Alabama.

As PJ Media's Chris Queen highlighted, the NAM pageant is built on the core principle of promoting positive self-image by highlighting the "natural beauty within," and yada, yada, yada, you can imagine the usual smarmy stuff a pageant would say about itself.

It should come as no surprise that Milliken is a body positivity advocate. I've been a consistent critic of the positivity movement for being a destructive overcorrection to the highly unrealistic beauty standards of Hollywood and the fashion industry. There's no doubt in my mind that the body positivity movement promotes grossly unhealthy lifestyles in the name of tolerance and acceptance. 

An obesity epidemic is no better than an eating disorder epidemic, and by crowning Milliken as National American Miss Alabama, the pageant fully endorsed an evil movement that encourages obese people to embrace their unhealthy lifestyles, which will likely condemn her to a relatively short life.

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That said, at least she's a real woman. 

Last week, a man who calls himself "Bailey Anne" Kennedy was crowned Miss Maryland USA, which is part of the Miss USA pageant. He will go on to compete for the Miss USA crown in Los Angeles this summer.

"[I hope my win] will open up some doors, open up some hearts for people to see that there are many aspects of [the] LGBT community out there, and I hope I can be a positive contribution to society in making a difference like the USO program like I'm working with," he said.

At least Milliken is actually female, but both her victory and Kennedy's are a sad reflection of where American culture is headed.

When men and obese women win beauty pageants, it's not celebrating diversity but a subversive effort to impose the mainstream acceptance of harmful ideologies like transgenderism and body positivity.

The body positivity movement, which claims to encourage self-acceptance, has morphed into a dangerous celebration of obesity. The transgender movement is systematically robbing women of opportunities and pushing the utterly false belief that people can be born in the wrong body, and, through plastic surgery and hormone treatments, can become the other sex.  

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Ironically, both of these movements are taking the country by storm when they have inherently contradictory ideologies. The body positivity movement says that you should "love yourself as you are," while transgenderism says the exact opposite. But both ideologies are unhealthy and dangerous, and we shouldn't celebrate them with beauty pageants. 


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