O’Keefe Media Group Exposes Who Is Really Running the White House

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Joe Biden doesn't even know where he is most of the time. He gets lost on stage and can't remember when or how his son died. He mixes up world leaders, and claims to have spoken with dead people.


Is he really the guy running the country?

Well, O'Keefe Media Group (OMG) went undercover and discovered the White House's real power structure.

What they found probably confirms what you long suspected.

According to Tyler Robinson, special advisor to the chief of staff of SBA administrator Isabel Guzman, Biden's chief of staff, Jeff Zients, is “the second most powerful person in Washington.” He told OMG’s American Swiper Citizen Journalist that “whatever this guy says, it’s what the president says.”

Robinson said that Zients holds more power than Vice President Kamala Harris and that both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have behind-the-scenes involvement at the White House. 

"I feel like Barack Obama's still very involved," the undercover journalist prompted.

"No, he is," Robinson admitted.

Robinson also said that Hillary Clinton still has people "that are, like, super close to her, that are still, like, senior people in the White House."

"I hope that Hillary's involved behind the scenes," the journalist 

"No, she is, yeah," Robinson told her.

He also revealed that the White House directs Guzman to campaign for the president, resulting in her being the most frequently traveling cabinet member. She uses her frequent travel to help Democrat candidates in swing states under the guise of meeting with local small business owners, making such trips blatant violations of the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from engaging in partisan political activities. 


Robinson said, “We try to visit with a member of Congress if they’re a Democrat… Just because then we can help them get re-elected as well.”

One such example is Montana, where incumbent Democrat Sen. Jon Tester is up for reelection for a seat seen as most likely to flip to Republicans. 

“The White House was like, yes, go. Invite Senator Tester. Don’t invite the other senator because he’s a Republican. And don’t invite the two members of Congress because they’re Republicans.”  

Who exactly did Robinson mean when he referred to the White House?  According to Robinson, the power behind President Biden who is running the White House is White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients whom Robinson described as more powerful than Vice President Kamala Harris. Robinson implied unelected Zeints wields considerable control claiming, “by getting Jeff’s sign-off, you’re getting the President’s sign-off” and “whatever this guy says, it’s what the President says.”  White House Chiefs of Staff have an expansive role and help shape the President’s agenda as a gatekeeper to the President, but Jeff Zeints is not your average Chief of Staff using the position as a steppingstone to more lucrative government relations positions. Named to Forbes Magazine’s 40 Under 40 list with an estimated net worth of $149M when he was only 35 years old (over 20 years ago), Zeints is already an experienced public and private sector executive.  He has held numerous positions in the executive branch, investment firms, on the Board of Facebook, and as Chief Operating Officer of DGB Enterprises, a holding company for the media company that publishes The Atlantic.  This is the person whom Robinson states “can sign off on things without the President.”


"All these revelations exposed in yet another expose by an OMG American Swiper Journalist reveal an increasingly insular group of party operatives influencing the Biden Administration and using federal institutions to manipulate elections," writes O'Keefe. "Only by continuing to shine a light on this waste and corruption will we ensure fair elections."

You can watch the undercover interactions here:


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