New James O’Keefe Undercover Video Exposes Dysfunctional Biden White House

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Earlier this week, undercover journalist James O’Keefe revealed he had a juicy story coming up. He declared, "I'm not suicidal, but I'm not afraid to die."

"Now, I’m indifferent to the outcome and frankly numb to the consequences of truth-telling. I’ve adapted to faith over fear," he said. "The mission is to discover other people whose principles are not for sale — who will do the right thing rather than talk about doing the right thing. I’m tired of seeing 10s of thousands of people sliding into my DMs complaining to my team about how bad things are… and then they make excuses or do nothing."


"I’m tired, Boss," he continued. "So here I stand; I can do no other. As has been said, 'If they’re gonna kill me, they’re going to kill me.' Let’s do this. Let’s get 2024 started. Let’s inspire others to be brave. Let’s raise the stakes. Let’s expose them all!"

On Wednesday afternoon, O’Keefe dropped his latest video. And boy did it deliver. For a long time know, we’ve heard reports of dysfunction in the Biden White House.

But now, there’s confirmation.

In the undercover video, O’Keefe has staged a date with Charlie Kraiger, a cybersecurity policy analyst at the White House. During their “date” Kraiger, in the words of O’Keefe, “sang like a bird” and openly acknowledged a growing concern within the staff regarding President Biden's age, with some openly discussing the desire for another Democratic candidate to replace him. Kraiger also spoke of talk of Kamala Harris being replaced on the ticket.

Top White House Cyber Official tells O’Keefe in Disguise “they can't say it publicly” the White House wants to replace Kamala Harris and Confirms President @JoeBiden mental decline: “Biden is definitely slowing down.” 

“I'm just telling you what I've heard… they’re really concerned about it”

…“I think they need to get rid of him or her.”

“But no one in modern history has ever said, like, ‘We're not going to renominate the president for a second term.’”


What about the rumors of replacing Joe Biden with Michelle Obama? Well, interestingly enough, Kraiger told O’Keefe that he had a meeting with Michelle Obama and someone asked her if she’d run for office. According to Kraiger, she said no. "Empathically.” 

"She was like, ‘I've seen all this s--t my husband has had to go through and that does not interest me.’"

I've been saying she won't run for a long time now.

Flashback: Chill Out, Michelle Obama Won't Run for President

Ahh, but there's more. Kraiger also spilled the beans about the incredible dysfunction in the vice president’s office. According to Kraiger, Kamala Harris  "hemorrhages black staff. She can't keep black staff. They quit on her en masse.”

But, that’s not even the juiciest part.

“She will be the vice president nominee,” Kraiger noted. "There was a debate about removing her from the ticket, but sadly they didn’t, she's not popular, but you can’t remove the first black lady to be vice president from the Goddamn presidential ticket. Like what kind of message are you going to send to like African-American voters.…People would be like, 'What the f**k?' Like she's a woman and she's multiracial.”


Within hours of O’Keefe sharing this video on social media, Charlie Kraiger deleted his social media accounts.

I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next.


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