Is This Proof the White House Has Been Lying About Iran and the Hamas Attack?

AP Photo/Abed Abu Reash

Following the Hamas attack on Israel on Saturday, many pointed out that just a few weeks prior, the Biden administration unfroze $6 billion in assets to the Iranian regime, and that Iran has worked with and funded Hamas, Hezbollah, and other Islamic terrorist groups. The Biden administration quickly sought to dispute any connection between its actions and the attack, even after sources from Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Iranian regime confirmed Iran’s financial support and logistical role in the attack.


“I think what we can be quite clear about is that Iran is broadly complicit in these attacks for having supported Hamas going back decades, for having provided financial support, for having provided training, for having provided weapons to Hamas,” White House deputy national security adviser Jonathan Finer told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Monday. “What we don’t have is direct information that shows Iranian involvement in ordering or planning the attacks that took place over the last couple of days.”

Later that day, U.S. National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby also claimed that there was no evidence of Iran’s involvement in the attack. “Iran has long supported Hamas and other terrorist networks throughout the region with resources, capabilities training,” Kirby told MSNBC. “And so in that regard, clearly, Iran is complicit here. But in terms of specific evidence on this, on these sets of attacks — no, we don’t have anything.”



On Monday night, the Washington Post confirmed that Iran provided “key support” in the planning and financing of the attack. “The Palestinian militants behind the surprise weekend attack on Israel began planning the assault at least a year ago, with key support from Iranian allies who provided military training and logistical help as well as tens of millions of dollars for weapons, current and former Western and Middle Eastern intelligence officials said Monday,” the pro-Biden paper reported.

“[C]urrent and former intelligence officials said the assault bore hallmarks of Iranian support, and noted officials in Tehran have boasted publicly about the huge sums in military aid provided to Hamas in recent years,” the paper continued. “Current and former intelligence officials confirmed that Iran had provided technical help to Hamas in manufacturing the more than 4,000 rockets and armed drones launched into Israel since Saturday.”

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So, are we really expected to believe that the media was able to confirm Iran’s financial and logistical role in the attack, but the White House couldn’t? Are we really supposed to believe that no one in the White House ever received an intelligence briefing linking Iran to the attack? That even Joe Biden never found out about it in a presidential daily intelligence briefing?


I think it’s quite clear that the White House, in its desperate attempt to absolve itself of responsibility for the attack, has been trying to cover up the truth.



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