Biden Goes Full Creeper With a Bunch of Children

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If you are still wondering why Joe Biden’s handlers keep him out of the spotlight as much as possible, here’s a great example.

On Wednesday, Biden delivered a speech on the anniversary of the poorly named Inflation Reduction Act—a bill even he admitted was poorly named. “I wish I hadn’t called it that because it has less to do with reducing inflation than it does to do with dealing with providing for alternatives that generate economic growth,” Biden conceded last week.


But social media was abuzz after the bizarre and, frankly, creepy comments he made before he launched into his prepared remarks.

“I want to say one thing to your children,” Biden said to the parents in the room. “I know some really great ice cream places around here.”

Then he leaned in the camera and, with a sketchy-looking gaze, added, “Daddy owes you. Okay? So, talk to me afterwards.”

Joe Biden has a long record of inappropriate touching and sniffing of women and young girls and making tasteless comments to them.

At a meet-and-greet in Irvine, Calif., in October, he was recorded acting creepy and making inappropriate comments to a young girl. In the video of the encounter, Biden sniffs the young girl’s hair, grabs her shoulder, and then, apropos of nothing, tells her, “No serious guys until you’re 30.”

The girl was visibly uncomfortable with Biden’s comments and sarcastically replied, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

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In a more recent incident, Biden was recorded nibbling on a toddler girl’s shoulder in Helinski, Finland.

Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley also wrote in her diary that her father used to take showers with her at a young age that were “probably not appropriate.”

Hyper-sexualized @ a young age. What is this due to? Was I molested. I think so – I can’t remember specifics but I do remember trauma – I remember not liking the woolzacks house; I remember somewhat being sexualized with Caroline; I remember having sex with Friends @ a young age; showers w/my dad (probably not appropriate). Being turned on when I wasn’t supposed to be.


Ashley Biden has since confirmed the authenticity of the diary.

At least eight women have also accused Joe Biden of inappropriate behavior, including Tara Reade, who says that Biden used to touch her inappropriately while she was a staffer in his Senate office in 1993. “He used to put his hand on my shoulder and run his finger up my neck,” Reade said. “I would just kind of freeze and wait for him to stop doing that.” She later expanded on those allegations, claiming in March 2020 that Biden sexually assaulted her by pushing her up against the wall, kissing her, and sliding his hand up her shirt and skirt. Reade attempted to file a claim, but loyalists on Biden’s staff ultimately protected him.



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