The Time to Impeach Merrick Garland Is Now

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

The stunning abuses of power by the Justice Department just keep coming, and the latest indictment of President Trump is proof that Congress needs to step in and do something about it. The time for cheap talk and empty threats is over.

Not only have experts panned the indictments of Trump for being extremely weak, but the indictments have “coincidentally” followed politically damaging revelations about Joe Biden and his family. After the House Oversight Committee obtained a document detailing bribery allegations against Joe Biden, Special Counsel Jack Smith indicted Donald Trump for mishandling classified documents.

When Hunter Biden’s plea deal fell apart, Smith issued a superseding indictment with additional obstruction charges related to alleged video footage deletion. The latest indictment of Trump came a day after Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Devon Archer, testified before the House Oversight Committee.

As for that plea deal, Biden’s Justice Department collaborated with Hunter’s team to not only give him an unprecedented sweetheart deal but also a de facto “Get Out Of Jail Free” card that gave him broad immunity for other crimes, including failing to register as a foreign agent.

“Everyone in America could see what was going to come next: DOJ’s attempt to distract from the news and attack the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, President Trump,” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy tweeted earlier this week. “House Republicans will continue to uncover the truth about Biden Inc. and the two-tiered system of justice.”

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Look, I’m glad the GOP is doing what it’s doing, but how much more investigating do we need? The media isn’t giving the findings the attention they deserve. I’m done with all the talking and the endless investigating. The corruption of the Department of Justice won’t get fixed by asking Democrats nicely to clean up their act. It’s time to clean house. Back in June, McCarthy gave a date for when that impeachment inquiry into Merrick Garland could begin. It was July 6.

McCarthy was supposed to get answers from U.S. Attorney David Weiss and Attorney General Merrick Garland to address the claims of IRS Criminal Supervisory Special Agent Gary A. Shapley Jr., who testified that Weiss wanted to appoint a special counsel for the Department of Justice’s investigation into Hunter Biden, as well conflicting statements between Weiss and Garland about how much authority Weiss had to charge Hunter.

But Garland’s crimes go much deeper and further back. He faces multiple allegations of abuses of power, beginning from Biden’s first year in office, including his handling of school board protests where concerned parents were treated as domestic terrorists, the targeting of pro-life activists, the unprecedented raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, and his failure to protect conservative Supreme Court justices from violent protesters in violation of federal law.

What are we waiting for? Empty threats that aren’t followed through embolden the accused because they know they can get away with their corruption. Garland has been in the sights of the GOP since before it regained the majority in the House, yet Garland has continued his corruption spree unabated.

The GOP needs to get a backbone and hold Garland accountable.


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