Biden's Health and the Media's Desperate Attempt to Hide the Truth

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

In June 2020, the mainstream media desperately sought to turn the tables on Trump by making his age and physical stamina an issue after a video emerged of him slowly down a ramp at West Point. A narrative quickly emerged that Trump was weak, feeble, and needed assistance getting down the ramp, and media outlets sought to juxtapose that with some video of Biden running, looking as chipper as can be.

The ploy reeked of desperation, but the mainstream media piled on, knowing that it needed to give Biden cover for his obvious physical and mental deterioration. The New York Times declared, “Trump’s Halting Walk Down Ramp Raises New Health Questions,” and Chris Cillizza, formerly of CNN, wrote a few hundred words about “why the Donald Trump-West Point ramp story actually matters,” and Joe Biden even joined in, saying, “Look at how he steps and look at how I step. Watch how I run up ramps and he stumbles down ramps. Come on.”

Now we’ve spent the past two-and-a-half years watching Biden decline, both physically and mentally, at an accelerated rate, and we’re supposed to believe that everything is just fine. In fact, the media is trying desperately to get us to not trust what our eyes and ears are telling us after their embarrassing attempt to create the narrative that Trump was on death’s door and that Biden was somehow the more vigorous candidate between the two. We’ve seen Biden trip down stairs more than once, get lost on stage, and speak gibberish more times than I can count, and just this past week, we saw him practically comatose during a meeting with Israel President Isaac Herzog.

And, of course, true to form, the mainstream media is still trying hard to convince us that Joe Biden is a pillar of strength and virility, at least on par with Trump.

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”Biden has already outlived about 59 percent of American-born men in his age cohort, while former president Trump has outlived 47 percent of his cohort, according to an analysis of Social Security Administration data for people born in the 1940s by University of Pennsylvania professor Samuel Preston,” reports the Washington Post. “As the oldest major party front-runners in American history — even with demanding schedules — they both remain physically capable. Both candidates have recent passing reports from their physicians and partake in healthy living habits — no smoking, no drinking, no hazardous labor.”

The report continues, “Actuarial tables suggest they are far more likely than not to live through a second term if elected, and experts in aging say there is little reason to doubt their continued health during that time, given the enormous benefits of their socioeconomic status, including access to high-quality health care.”

Of course, the report ignores some major differences between the two. There may only be three years separating the two, but Trump appears physically younger and mentally sharper than Biden did nearly twenty years ago. Joe Biden can’t even read prepared remarks without getting things wrong or appearing to doze off, and we’re supposed to believe the Washington Post when it tells us these two are even remotely comparable.

Even the experts the Post cited avoid addressing Biden’s actual performance and instead take a more abstract approach to addressing his ability to do the job. He’s not assessed based on physical or mental evidence but as a number on an actuarial chart. But even an insurance company will want a doctor’s examination before giving you life insurance.

At this point, it would be far more effective for the media to come clean about the realities of Biden’s health and nudge him and his team to step aside in favor of someone younger, stronger, and sharper to lead the party in the next election. But they won’t do it. While polls show that even Democrats question Biden’s health and think he shouldn’t run, as long as he says he’s in it to win it, they will back him up, trying ever so hard to believe them over our own senses.



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