Will the Biden Administration Also Indict Ron DeSantis?

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Joe Biden promised to use the power of the federal government to prevent Trump from returning to the White House, and as the recent federal indictment shows, he has followed through on that promise. Will they also target Trump’s most formidable contender for the GOP nomination, Ron DeSantis?

The tracks were laid months ago.

Back in October, Biden’s Treasury Department launched an investigation into Ron DeSantis over his relocation of illegal immigrants from Florida to Martha’s Vineyard last year—which exposed the local leftists of hypocrisy because they didn’t want the illegals, despite being a sanctuary city. On top of that, the investigation was initiated at the request of Democrats on Capitol Hill, who claimed, without evidence, that DeSantis improperly used COVID-19 relief funds to ship out the illegals.

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“The agency’s inspector general’s office confirmed to several members of Massachusetts’s Democratic congressional delegation that it planned ‘to get this work underway as soon as possible’ to probe Florida’s spending as part of ongoing audits into how states have used the billions in sent to them as part of the American Rescue Plan, according to a letter provided by Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey’s office,” Politico reported in October. “In an Oct. 7 letter to Markey and five House members, Richard K. Delmar, deputy inspector general for the Treasury Department told the lawmakers that the agency would ‘review the allowability’ of Covid-19 aid to states ‘related to immigration generally, and will specifically confirm whether interest earned on (the) funds was utilized by Florida related to immigration activities, and if so, what conditions and limitations apply to such use.'”

The ridiculous “investigation” has not yet concluded, and one can’t help but wonder if it will “find” some pretext for indicting DeSantis on federal charges.

As Townhall’s Katie Pavlich noted at the time, the Treasury inspector general went after DeSantis while the Biden administration was organizing flights to send illegal immigrants to cities nationwide under the cover of night.

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Multiple polls indicate that both Trump and DeSantis can defeat Joe Biden in the general election, which means they’re both a threat to his power. Is it hard to believe that the Biden administration wouldn’t try to use DeSantis’s shipping illegals to Martha’s Vineyard as an excuse to charge him with a crime over the absurd claims he used COVID-19 relief funds? The Biden administration has already indicted Trump for a crime Biden himself has committed.

Given how desperate they are to stop Trump, is it really a stretch to say that they would indict DeSantis for exposing the hypocrisy of sanctuary cities? Polls show even Democrats are concerned about Biden’s advanced age and cognitive decline, and most didn’t even want him to run again in 2024. Does anyone think charging DeSantis with a crime under another bogus pretext is beneath the notoriously corrupt Biden administration? I certainly don’t.



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